I hope Claire’s design gets some tweaks. She looks way too juvenile.



did anybody else think that this was a VR thing when they watched the trailer from the combination of the perspective and the weird looking character models and RE7’s success

I’m kind of bummed now that I know it’s not


oh my god i thought y’all were just being nitpicky that is weird


Wow, I laughed way harder than I was prepared to


It would be cool if they had a VR mode. Like that first person mode for code veronica.


It nosedives so poorly in the last third that I’d hardly call it a great game.


i played thru the first chapter of leon’s RE6 campaign online with rei last night
game is just absolutely marvelous


It’s due a reappraisal. If nothing else it’s a really solid third person shooter, my only big gripe with it is it feels really long, whether that’s actually the case or not I can’t recall, but it speaks to uneven level design and easily forgotten setpieces.







0 HD looks better.

Someone plz make a single youtube play/read -through of this:


A R3make could be something special. That game was always held back by the PSone


Nemesis remake with the exploding Forest mode from Remake being the model.


I never finished it, but 0 makes some fairly wild design choices iirc


Is WW2’s Unit 731 the source of japanese Bio Horror?


That’s an interesting thought. I would have guessed footage of Hiroshima/Nagasaki victims and then the Aum Shinrikyo attack, but that doesn’t quite cover the ‘evil special ops’ part of it.



okay I’m willing to overlook the face now