What is this and why is it so damn awesome


it’s the logo on the back of claire’s alternate outfit jacket

her regular outfit says “MADE IN HEAVEN”

of course her brother chris has a matching one


Should I get this tattooed on my body

I would feel a fraud, I suppose. I haven’t played RE2 since the 90s


Get a jacket DUH


you can get a Redfield jacket, but good luck getting a Redfield butt


Better do some Redfield squats and boulder punches


I guess I’ll get this


i’m also replaying Resident Evil 0 and man does this game not fuck around. I remember getting to the final boss when I was 16 and not having enough ammo to beat it. Ever since then I’ve been meaning to get around to it and I’m remembering fully now just how difficult the experience was.




leon kennedy wishes the friendzone was real that ada would even think that much of him



I was never that into resident evil 2 cause I saw the screenshots of the blue office police station on 1996 internet and got excited for that then when it came out it was just a weird art museum thing like the mansion all over again. at least 3 let you run around the city


it being a weird art museum is what makes it great tbh.

i wish real life governmental buildings would require me to solve environmental puzzles.


I’ve never been in a DMV but that sounds like the DMV.


As an immigrant I will say lots of Japanese buercracy around me staying in this country is a puzzle I am constantly on the verge of failing and being the Spouse of Japanese National means I am on easy mode.



dat elza walker costume…




i wasn’t paying attention to this until i saw the first video of claire fighting that weird monster with a giant eyeball on his shoulder. the animation in which the player gets to chuck a grenade on the ground to avoid being grabbed is literally one of the coolest things i’ve seen in an action game. it made me interested in resident evil as A Thing for the first time.

looking foward to play re4 in the meantime . . .