It’s a cool little mechanic, you could do something similar to certain enemies with daggers and stun-gun charges in the REmake.

I’m pretty stoked seeing how they’ve built on areas and key encounters in RE2, everything’s primed for a new level of intensity. Which is partially due to being more action oriented by now and I’m fine with that! Long as they keep the heavily foreboding atmosfear intact.


RE2 was always more linear and action oriented.

I’m overall optimistic, although I doubt it will eclipse the original.



I hardly know 'er battle gameplay!




classic costumes

Oh good they fixed it.


Can’t look at Claire and not think about that tweet for super hot baby.

I also can’t find that tweet.


General question:

Why are they showing so much footage from this game? There are hours of streams available for viewing at this point.


They’ve really been on a constant promotional series of kicks with this and DMCV, appetizing fans gauging feedback, itchy tasty cuhrazy baby. I kind of hope they slow down and leave most everything else for a launch trailer so then, actually playing the game fresh as possible.


here you go


I was looking through old issues of Tips & Tricks and this one had these Resident Evil action figures as prizes. I remember getting these from the PX in like, 1998, and they wound up falling apart really fast. I guess they’re suitable prizes for the level of questions they’re asking in this thing. But those are were some garbage tier action figures.




that’s a big hickey



Fedora tyrant ducking under door frames is cracking me up.


I will not buy this game unless you can snipe his fedora off


The RE2 figures were a little better.

I still have the flower monster thing that came with Ada somewhere.


i never had any RE2 action figures but i did have those stupid shiny cards with like, screenshots from the FMVs and stuff. i would’ve rather had the action figures.


man these things sucked. at that point in time, i could’ve just looked at screenshots of the FMVs on the internet if i wanted. you were just supposed to admire these stills from a game you’ve probably already played. i guess maybe it was to entice kids. “woah i bet this game has scenes of explicit violence and gore! wicked!”