I think he’s slightly faster and there are supposed to be two of them?

idk I just got to the sewers in B (with barely 2 hours on the game clock and the whole station cleared out and I’m not even trying to rush, this rules) so I’m hoping that’s done with for now

definitely running all the way out of ammo more often too but the game is very good about keeping you in business

can’t imagine I won’t finish this tomorrow night, the whole NEST sequence would have to be like 40 minutes at most at this rate

Leon is definitely funnier than Claire


I’m honestly not sure how spare I’d be finding the storytelling in this without knowledge of the original; so much of it is self-evidently the way it is because it just is that I’m not sure whether I’d have needed them to explain why there’s a terminator robot chasing me around on top of everything else


A creepy coaterminator needs no explanation to unnerve, antagonize, but entirely unacknowledged by the rest of the script aside from Leon and Claire going “!!!” while everything else gets some words, is just why??? Plenty of people would wonder.

Could be they’re incorporating something for the dlc stuffs en route. Things like the mayor’s daughter will be newly defined.


I’m all for mystery but it’s a little too vague. If I had no other knowledge of resident evil games I don’t know what I’d think about him just from playing this one, is this the janitor of the building who somehow became a super zombie? is it my dad? did somebody build a robot and forget about it?

the original scene was cool because it showed umbrella active and doing what they made these things for to begin with, you get to see the boss of the last game now just a generic mass produced foot soldier, or if you didn’t play that it’s at least clear it’s a weapon deployed from the outside


Only now do I fully picture tons of tyrants in a militarized combat zone, not sure if that’s ever been depicted across the series extended (maybe the movies? itch to junk binge someday)

The kind of B.O.W. ops escalation that makes RE5->6’s scope more sensible for all they did right and wrong with it.


i was threatening to show these saturday.


In Leon A Ada mentions that Mr. X was sent in by Umbrella to do their dirty work and in the jail cell there’s a document explaining “Tyrants”, the ultimate bio-weapons, so as someone who didn’t play much of OG RE2 I did get a basic understanding of “oh, this is a functional zombie weapon sent in by the bad guys to kill everyone”. I had assumed he came from the underground lab before I got there but in retrospect since Umbrella was invading that would not make sense. Reading he was helicoptered in was a bit of a light bulb moment just now so it would have been neat to get some additional acknowledgement of the deliberateness of Mr. X’s presence.


I hadn’t played the original RE2 either. I played Leon’s story first and for a while I thought Mr. X was the zombie form of the corrupt police chief.


the thing with there being two is a bug. see my youtube link above.


They don’t make a big deal about it, but I feel like there is a subtle retcon where in the original Mr. X’s sole purpose was to pursue the G sample, which is why he only shows up in the B campaigns when Sherry is around. In this game it’s more implied that he’s just an all purpose clean-up crew.

The one thing that is really disappointing about this game is that the campaigns do not vary nearly as much in the original. You had basically 4 very different stories from different perspectives in the original. In this game leon and claire’s stories are pretty much identical in A and B versions, there is just more difficulty and the puzzles are somewhat remixed (though not even that much!)

I understand the reasons for things being this way and it’s honestly already surprising that they decided to incorporate the dual campaign thing in this remake at all but I still wish it was implemented in a more interesting way. The original felt almost Nier-like in the way that you had to play all four campaigns to get a full grasp of the story.


yeah, in this they’re only barely different enough to make playing one character’s A and the other’s B interesting, I almost think the menus should’ve pushed you harder in that direction rather than leading people to think they should try both A’s first or something.


Okay so I have every GameCube game and I got Dolphin working real well so which Resident Evil game should I play (other than 4) assuming I have not played any other games (other than 4)?






So that’s the one just called “Resident Evil” yeah?


Yes, 2002 Gamecube, 2015 most current gen platforms


I was happiest with the ‘squeeze RT to move’ control style.


1, 2, 7 and their remakes are definitely the most essential

all versions of 2 released from 1999-2018 are kind of boring though, it loses that PS1 flair, I wouldn’t play it on gamecube


okay i will try remake on Dolphin, yeah baby. not buying that on steam when i can, uh…dump…my existing disc…yes


This is generally true but I’LL GET YOU, YOU FUCKER is an oath to be reckoned with.

I’m also terribly fond of Leon and Claire’s interactions with each other. Nothing screams Awkward more than two twenty-somethings enthusiastically talking over one another in bright smiles while disaster looms. It’s rather cute really!