NCR may be Hillary stans, but the Brotherhood is a bunch of Silicon Valley tech bros


leon was being groomed for aptitude displayed in police academy to be shot directly into becoming a replacement member of S.T.A.R.S. which all wore personalized combat uniforms in the field


Yeah, I read it as the RPD tactical uniform that nobody else had time? or thought to put on, which is not the STARS uniform.

I think it’s really funny that there’s a SWAT van in the parking garage. Like, you’ve already got your corporate special forces unit, you’re going begging for the SWAT federal funds too?


stars was made possible by a grant from the umbrella corporation


, they shout after no-knock blasting down your door


i mean either makes sense to get heavy handed about Canon in this wqcky ass series, but uhh after mysteriously losing a number of field employees in the arklay mountains


They lost a bunch of employees a week ago.


Booji and I were howling with thar Bullet Points website last week. It was delightful to read Gamer’s Quarter navel gazing in 2019.


as much as I love this clause I am obliged to point out that this is one of those things that makes much more sense in Claire A / Leon B


also interesting to note how much of resident evil 1.5 is really in this game. zombie dismemberment, forcing their way into the police station from outside, following you from room to room - were all scrapped mechanics when the reality of ps1 hardware set in


I just thought the new Rookie had to wear the Rookie Goon Uniform for a year so the other cops could make fun of him!


leon’s outfit is based on the 70s S.W.A.T. outfits Peter and Roger wore in OG dawn of the dead so leon is all barnied out in his S.W.A.T. outfit first day on the job.


yeah in my headcanon it’s just because leon is a big nerd


“You said the virus turned people into monsters. Not reptiles!”

Leon’s adorable whining has become the quote of the month between me and my wife


that and the part where the journalist is in jail and leon is like “well I’m SURE he had a good reason”

he’s such a dope and I love it, the writing in this game is pitch perfect


Journalist: ACAB

Leon: Well I need to ask the chief first!


I love how brisk and yet still more challenging the second run is

it’s like 90 minutes in and I’ve already met Jackie O (and got an upgraded magnum which I could’ve easily missed before the first boss) in part because I have to keep moving so much earlier


I consider not having the cutscene of mr. x getting dropped in by chopper a mark against the remake. You shouldn’t have to have knowledge of the original to know what’s going on. He’s even more constant and threatening in this one so him being just unexplained while being different enough from everything else is weird.


Ah, B Leon was the only run I had left to see before writing that post.

Is Mr X faster in B? Sure feels like it.


Yeah I don’t know how they detailed or referenced pretty much everything else, and left that scene out at the very least. I can’t remember how it’s explained in-game he’s not only there to ex but also get a G-sample since Hunk’s Team funked up.

I would’ve preferred his presence only to be very minor if at all during the A game. It originally made the following run more unique along with all the other zapping system changes (items left in equipment locker, area changes, poison in the lab, etc)

With how much attention was given making X a bit like Nemesis, I’m curious how they’d up 3’s intensity now. He could originally show up semi-randomly but also run and gun rocket launch ya. Imagining that with a more detailed comb and surprise! mufukka across a more layered/wider Raccoon. Sounds awesome.