I love that there’s a note about the chess piece fuse keys explaining the history of an electrical company based on “fun!”

And folks in Raccoon City said, yes, we need more fun electricians


that was one of my favorite parts, and then the guy drops that’s he in all these chess organizations

I really love the lengths they went to make all the campy shit slightly more plausible


Will you take the DEATH DONGLE?


the name


I noticed that haha

I guess bobby fischer is canon to the RE universe now??


bobby fischer’s middle name was james tho


maybe they were going for “Robert Bobby”


Daisy chaining SCSI devices and giving them each the right ID in the chain and terminating the final device is a huge missed puzzle opportunity here!


My favorite of them all:

In loving memory of those who served with the valor of lions, the nobility of unicorns, and whose ultimate sacrifice is as pure as the maidens of old.




to be fair I could imagine a police union using language like this


they had so much fun with the whole “well, we had to retrofit an art gallery” bit

picture a couple of cops sitting in the office at like 7pm mulling over “the nobility of unicorns”


Here’s a dump of the lovely convenience store products. I can’t tell if these are recreations of original RE2 art, modern Japanese takes on '90s American commercial advertising, or modern Japanese takes on modern American commercial advertising. But this stuff is my favorite sort of embedded culture in games.


Free Air!

Let’s Have Fun!
dry cereal

Limited Offer! BEER ON SALE!!

Looks a bit better than the zomburger the trucker is eating

Change YOU Can Touch

Cigarettes - Helping You To Control Time

Herb Ice Cream / Herbs Heal You

This one exists on a jokier plane than the rest; it’s cute but I’m not sure how I feel about it.

The prices are pretty good for the time and good enough that I wonder why the beer sale is $32 for a 12-pack…I guess the cheaper brand is $24 for a twelve pack. Limited Time Offer!

Magazine rack, including:

  • Aphrodite
  • Goddess
  • Fine
  • Gorgeous
    The men’s section is below:
  • Important
  • Earnings
  • Four Wheels
  • Driving

Next to it we’ve got the book rack, including:

  • They Killed Him
  • Undercover Thrill
  • ERIC The Dragonslayer (I guess Elric knockoffs are big in Raccoon town)
  • Creator’s Rites
  • Deep Kiss
  • Kiss of Love

The Dark Bean

Sodas from the fountain appear to be priced by flavor?

  • CrystalSODA: $1.59
  • SPLASH: $1.39
  • SHOOT: $1.69
  • SparkLIME: $1.29

Healthy selection of Asian-style packaged breads

and instant noodles




Don’t talk to me until I’ve had THE DARK BEAN


Last night I made $57 on the Steam marketplace and I’ve been debating how to spend it.

These screens have sold me on this game. Thank you.


Dead Rising (especially the made-in-Japan 1st game) is also loaded with this e.g. “Jill’s Sandwiches” and hyper detailed fake ads/print media but can’t seem to pull good photo examples online. I remember a “Crislip’s” billboard somewhere in RE6 with a similar font so they probably are using some of the same people in the art department.


I got to the part where you got to run to the police station and as soon as I ran from the light of the fire I couldn’t see anything but dark grey and all the lines across the screen my 11 year old tn monitor makes that you can see in the background sometimes, I should probably wait til I got an hdr monitor to play this thing


that’s a common bug, try capping your fps


the magazine rack is so good



First thing I did was run far away from the gas station as possible, waiting for Mr. Kennedy to tell me why he wouldn’t.

Last time I laughed at the magazine/book rack but didn’t expect this much going on, don’t think I saw anything so ripe in RPD. Gotta comb further.