Get on it, modders


I had the same problem. Apparently there’s a bug in the PC version that can make it insanely dark randomly? Adjusting the gamma doesn’t seem to help. I set UseVendorExtention=Disable in my re2_config.ini to fix it. I got that tip from some random internet search.

I’m assuming you’re on the PC version.



yeah I had to set that too, it was going dark during the first video on the computer in the police station lobby

something about having an HDR display connected but not playing the game on it


Like I said earlier…weirdly!!

I am really worried this is a biohazard 4 situation where they disabled location based damage entirely.


I did the config thing and capped my fps at 30 and it seems okay now. It did get dark once suddenly in the library but I ran to the other side of the room and it brightened up again

how generous is this game with bullets. usually when I’m exploring a place I take the time to kill everything. but if there’s music playing and they’re coming through windows and stuff I run. seems like they keep coming back though unless you explode their heads


If you’re on Hardcore you need to be more careful, leaving something like 30% of enemies alive. I think you can go for kills on Standard just fine.


it has adaptive difficulty so it generally won’t ever give you too few or too many zombies based on how much ammo you have or have yet to obtain


I play on normal cause I like saving hundreds of times


Also be sure to board up the windows in the police station as you can (there’s items you can find to do it) as they’ll stay boarded up and keeps new zombies from repopulating the place.


I board up the long corridor on the west asap even on speedruns


had the lighting problem every time I did the birkin fight. everything was black except for his shoulder eye and some light sources tucked away in corners


trying to put marvin branagh out of his misery and have a moment and here comes the coated bastard stomping through and swatting him away like he’s nothing


if you’re playing leon B on hardcore this is basically a necessity to speedrun imo


There’s a first person mod now for this and someone is working on a fixed camera mod as well. That’s just awesome


If someone VRs the first person extra niiiiiice. Curious how that fixed camera one is coming along, since you wouldn’t be able to to aim directly for body parts and eye bulges the same way. Highlighting 'em like Eternal Darkness would be weird but maybe functional?

2nd ending: was the truck driver just to bookend like the opening scene? He’s headed to hell and I want to know Episode: Flat Cap.


yeah the first person thing seems extra weird to me because this game’s gameplay relies so much on body specific damage

tbh, I guess they could patch in original style aiming and aiming “down” would just target the legs, but if anything that would make it easier?



The original Resident Evil 2 does not make sense, but it does not make sense consistently . The remake of Resident Evil 2 makes comparatively more sense (more in-game documentation is given to explaining the police station’s idiosyncrasies; Leon wears an outfit more similar to the other members of the RPD; the owner of Kendo Gun Shop, rather than inexplicably, risibly oblivious, is hysterical over the death of his daughter, as examples) but not consistently so. Its script especially is often at-odds with its pretence and aesthetic; Leon and Claire’s dialogue contains pauses, level voices ,and the two characters talking over one another, the various markers of a real conversation, a conversation that makes sense , but alongside Resident Evil 2 Remake ’s puzzles, monsters, and other arch components it is inconsistent. After suspending their disbelief sufficient to appreciate the story of a viral outbreak unleashing zombies on a city which is controlled principally by valves that look like chess pieces, occupied by a secret agent, a mad scientist, and a special forces soldier codenamed HUNK, Resident Evil 2 Remake requires its audience to also, at the drop of a hat, recalibrate their minds back to reality, suspend their suspension of disbelief. At this point it seems reasonable, as a member of this audience, to feel like the creators of Resident Evil 2 Remake are expecting you to do a lot of work of making the game flow together on their behalf, which is tantamount to feeling like the game is wavering in its plotting and its tone, which is tantamount to feeling like it’s generally not of particularly high quality.


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