I’m so happy to think young kids are gonna play this wholesome, awesome, inspiring videogame and have every image of it etched in their heads for their whole lives.

I hope everyone at CAPCOM is proud of their work here. It’s really made my month and I can’t stop thinking about how good it is on so many subtle levels, just how many artistically correct choices were made. I didn’t even have to edit ANY of the default gameplay or control options, not even thumbstick sensitivity; it’s like this game was made for me.


I really wonder what it’s like to work on something and have the only version available in your country censor it out. Do they feel like the US version is the ‘real’ version, in a language they aren’t fluent in? Do they sneak time on the copy at work if they want to play through the real game, the official copy at home sadly neglected?


there are a lot of literal keys and yet most of the keys aren’t even keys! a battery is a key and an ancient sceptre is a key and a police badge is a key


did get annoyed that the computer needed a ‘USB’ plug though

maybe S.T.A.R.S. and Umbrella were all in on pre-adoption standards


98 is plausible!

maybe not for a police department computer

but STARS probably had the good stuff


maybe it’s Umbrella’s ‘security through obscurity, and B.O.W.s’


It’s actually really interesting that even the Z version is still censored; I wonder just how much.


the localization is very confident (the police chief’s journal is hilarious) and even the original RE2 actually released in the US ahead of Japan so I have to imagine there’s some precedent for making it “for export,” not so different from any other sector


Yeah, I think they almost certainly developed with the US as the lead market. Commercial entertainment though – you’re making something you’re proud of, that you think is cool (ostensibly). And you can’t get it for yourself, or your friends or family!


I need to turn off HDR so I can take some screenshots. The baked-in text is incredible in this game and I can’t even tell if they’re making jokes or not




at 12 hours into Leon A,

I’m not far enough yet


the stars group photo is in wesker’s office actually


Well damn! Seems I kinda glossed over it in this corner, smaller and you can’t check it but still cool. Maybe on pc higher res the plaques could be read better, probably just general accolades.

The highly detailed and still very faithful (with fair or subtle alterations) police station is obviously their best craft, makes the mid-later areas come off a tad more routine but they’re still very good. I was a little disappointed with the final area at first, maybe lacking a chance for more interconnections but having gone through it a few times now, I appreciate how well laid out it is in a different more practical sense.


I can’t see a thing in this game


plausible for a USB device to exist, but a DONGLE?

what made me far more angry was the presence of a hamburger menu in the one of the later game fake OS UI’s

mostly because so many other pains were made to keep this game period accurate.

and the first PC you encounter has a very convincing windows 98 style UI!

how did they get this so wrong!!!


20 year old streamers would have been confused if they’d used the parallel port


I would have died if you had to plug in a SCSI device


they could’ve conceivably required you to find and combine three separate SCSI dongles to get the thing hooked up properly and it wouldn’t have felt at all out of place


just like, slap some tarot symbols on them or something and you’re good to go