Same here! I was unreasonably proud of myself for actually finishing a RE game, after a childhood of constantly getting stuck in those games without enough ammo or healing items to progress (at least at my 12 year old ability). This game was a little more forgiving on Standard, but I was still impressed by how scarce ammo and heals were, while still being Just Enough to really feel like the totally desperate situation it should feel like.

Also don’t sleep on R+B herbs, the hit resistance is very helpful.


it’s worth playing claire b to try out her much quirkier set of weapons & to unlock hunk


leon looks like james sunderland here


I started Claire A after Leon A. I’m saving much less frequently, but I seem to be getting myself into stickier situations as Claire. I’m constantly low on ammo and red herbs. This is great!


yeah it’s been a long time since I’ve felt survival intensity like this


I’ve been wanting to watch those resident evil cgi dtv movies and I learned today the action director on those was also the action director on the new john woo movie (which I haven’t seen). That studio called u’den flame works also does metal gear solid and devil may cry cutscenes.


some of them are pretty good shlocky action movies, and if you need more of hyper competent re4 leon they’re good places to go

they under utilize and let down just about every woman in the series even more than the actual games do and i remember one of them treating jill even WORSE than re5 did


I had no idea though this makes a lot of sense and is awesome, been wanting to watch 'em a while too. Viewing club? Bio-violence-hazard night???


they’re way more tolerable than the live action movies, definitely worth checking them out.


There’s a cheap Blu-Ray with all three of them on there but where is the connection with John Woo? is there a link you can provide? I half-assed a Google search but didn’t see anything yet.


Either hkmdb is wrong in crediting him, or imdb is wrong in not?

Oh yeah it’s on their site too:


I’ve just seen the clips of the ridiculous post john wick gun fights in these things

also I didn’t realize re2 had actually been cracked way back at the first of the month until today


[spoiler]So I go in to the part at the end of the sewers where you have to grab the knight plug and the queen plug, but there’s like three of those disgusting water blob things that poison you. I’ve got about three revolver bullets and exactly one flame round to get past them so I just haul ass and manage to get by… but I’m poisoned!

Oh well! I made it to the room with the plugs! Claire can’t stop coughing from the poison. I have a R+G mix in my inventory, and I found a blue herb in the room! I know damn well I have to get by those bastards again after solving this puzzle, so I’m really feeling the pressure here. I collect what’s in the room and mix my blue herb with the R+G mixture. I eat the three-herb mixture and just go for a full on run past the enemies. They manage to get a few hits on me and get my health down, but the mixture prevents me from getting poisoned a second time!

The sense of dread I had while I was in that room knowing I had to go back through the gauntlet was ridiculous.[/spoiler]

edit: spoiler blur machine broke?


I’m honestly not sure I can feel fear in the same way after RE7 in VR

these lickers are like puppies


one of the most satisfying moments of my playthrough was when I stuffed a grenade in a licker’s mouth and then blew the fucker up with a well-placed shotgun blast


I think @Dracko sent me this one a while ago? I pretty much have to watch all of these because feature length dmc3 cutscene is like, one of my cinematic ideals.


I honestly never realized how many ridiculous keys this game has. I don’t think any game has ever had as many stupid keys. and it works! it totally works and it’s fun!

in a way I feel like that somehow makes it more accessible because that part of its design is like … basically comparable to any given iPhone Mystlike where they’ve totally fucked off and been like “oh yeah you need more hand cranks, for sure”

it’s so cavalier about its game design


REmake might have the most keys altogether, they’re more medieval-gothic in tone with the mansion compared to yeah the outright fun and gaminess of using card suits.

No STAR(S) key for the office though, also here’s a minus - not including the team photo, they shoulda just used as is!



Also, Brad Vickers is a pisser (seen on 1F east bathroom wall)



random thought as I watch the RE2 commercial playing on the bar TV and it looks better than most contemporary action movies: If you showed RE2make to someone living in 1998, there’s a chance they wouldn’t be impressed by the graphics.

(non-gamers are mysterious to me)

(edit: doubling down on my gamer identity on