yeah they are opposite sides of that coin for sure

it’s still less blammo than RE4 though


not that I was expecting an RE7 like experience but it’s just kind of disappointing

probably still going to obsessively play the hell out of it


RE7 : RE :: RE2 : RE2


they aren’t supposed to be scary they are startling and tense




the fucking grab range of the zombies is pretty damn scary


you can bait their hungry mouths if youre careful


now that i am further in it is providing acceptable levels of scary, tho it’s not like RE7 levels, it’s definitely a satisfying survival horror experience. also WAY more difficult than any of the mainline games in the series. I’m really impressed with the attention to detail they put into balancing the difficulty. it’s super tight.

playing on hardcore does anyone have protips on avoiding lickers?

like clearly you are supposed to stealth them but literally every one I’ve come across that must be passed, they put you in such close quarters that they will detect you eventually. is there something I’m missing?


You’d be surprised by how many stretches there are where you can just haul ass to evade the lickers. If I must compromise, I generally use a flashbang in anticipation.


Lower left (SW) hall in Leon 2nd for the crank has been another real messy Iwazaru Zone

(master master we’re in a tight spot)



So is Leon A/Claire B still sorta the way to go, or is there really not that much difference between their campaigns?


people found out the knife does significantly more damage at higher framerates so you can expect some speedruns looking like this


even at a capped 60 it’s the best way to deal with some of the bosses, feel like that might get patched soon


anecdotally there’s very little difference and multiple playthroughs of this one are largely for your own edification, but apparently Claire A / Leon B is the sekrit canon?


Good replies in here


gosh I love this, it’s like as good of a reimagining as metroid prime


REmake2 multiplayer

  • straight deathmatch across the entire map hiding encouraged lots of neutral zombies and locational audio

  • mode where one player is the top down enemy placement dungeon master they place new rooms on the map like advanced heroquest they get new monster spawn placements on time/objective unlock basis two successful zombie bites = one sewer turd spawn or maybe its the other way players make it to the next area unharmed time to ramp up the difficulty DM gets 3 Mr.X spawns or whatever

  • co-op mode where regular bullets don’t do any damage one player only has defensive grenades that don’t automatically explode they are the bait there are tons of zombies and the team has to corral them into groups and shoot their mouth grenades to progress

  • randomized Hunk mode but there are many participants and only one chopper out


also I think a single playthrough of REmake2 is like one of the best games ever I returned my copy I don’t want to spoil it


I just finished Leon’s quest and had a great time. Perfect length for a playthrough, I’d say. Currently thinking over whether I want to immediately launch into Claire B or give it a break.