I wouldn’t say it’s better (not that it’s not great), but given that Resident Evil 2 stood as the poppier, more action-y sibling to the first game this feels like an appropriate take on the material.

Of course, you also couldn’t justify a budget higher than $20m on tank controls (and this thing cost closer to $100m)

It gets to ride high on nostalgia (both 90’s and the original game) and that’s a buzz that’ll wear off soon and we’ll be able to see it in the context of history.


I’m not even good enough to get through Hunk’s mode, but you can also unlock its edible siblings-in-arms Flan, Konjac, Uiro-Mochi and Annin Tofu, all with different weapon loadouts and voices


Woah I got within visible steps of clearing Hunk’s escape :doomdie: so I haven’t yet unlocked Tofu, had no idea there was a whole lineup - delicious!


of all the games I’d really like to see an incredibly expensive remake of, I think final fantasy 6 is way up there

do it in the XV engine, go nuts. Forget 7. 6 is still the one that feels the least suited to the technological milieu it was made for.


not that i can think of? the closest we’ve gotten are a few interviews out of s-e talking up the possibility of an unreal engine remake of dq3


I’ve pored over that happening many times. V and VI are the only pre-PSX ones that haven’t had a handful of versions done including a notable remake, just the psx ports and the gba +/- versions. Oh well I guess the iOS/PC versions attempt to “up” the art.

If you could apply the respect, effort, and bucks required to make REmake 1/2 scaled to match what the scope and complexity of something like Final Fantasy VI, yeah with the visual quality of the latest FF that sounds closest to what we could hope for.

However, I’m going to pedestal it for a minute - hear me out, and yes this could apply to many a remake but…it (and V to a lesser degree, as a quite diff game) seem chiseled from a series of artists and the tools of their time, strongest in those materials where no newer synthesis will resemble it short of being off tone garish or heavily distorted. Add: so much of what makes SquareEnix as we know it now, comes from VII’s impact. Even with a fair approach to study and reproduce 6 Yoshinori Kitase’s presence as a major might not be enough to do it justice, as they are geared from the hype of the hair spike and onward now?

So I guess I disagree on wanting that to form (from super skepticism admittedly) unless the variables that made it then, could be reintroduced under the modern team’s tech and budget.

Are there any examples of 8-16 bit jrpgs recreated with this or last gen frontline presentation?


I finished Leon A yesterday and I am glad that they show him as a grade A dork the entire time


idk I think that like Dissidia is hideous but Hajime Tabata’s team seems to produce stuff that’s actually like, artistically interesting within the confines of the franchise, so I don’t think it’s impossible anymore


Pretty sure “Could SE remake the golden era of FF?” would be a sick thread


Going through the whole Ada walk and talk section with health on “Danger” was hilarious. Leon grunting and whining and limping while Ada walks tall. Then you step out into the rain and Leon holds his hand over his eyes like it’s raining acid while Ada doesn’t even flinch.


i finished leon a yesterday and his reaction to mr. x showing up during the escape is absolutely perfect in every way


on my fourth attempt I managed to get to the area outside the fire escape with Hunk and then got eated by one of them big swamp turds that is some high volume gaming time to take a break from this for a while what a great game



It wouldn’t be a Resident Evil game if I didn’t find myself totally depleted of ammo with no defensive or cure items and desperately scrambling through a dark wet sewer filled with mutant poison killfreaks. I managed to avoid them all and get back to relative safety before I realized I was carrying a frickin flamethrower. In my adrenaline overload I had completely forgot about it. I’m probably a better person for it.

My nerves can barely tolerate this, Mr. X in the police station nearly killed me. I don’t know if I can do RE7 in VR.


*duke nukem voice * damn i’m good


I saw and completely missed getting the Flamethrower my first playthrough - real handy for the last leg so stack some fuel.


I just barely like 2 rounds left and limping, made it through 4th Survivor. Definitely some luck involved with its last area. Don’t know how the hell I’m gonna do Tofu!

Been constantly reloading on a HC Claire A when things get too messy, experimenting for efficiency, ways to shave time. Initially just planned to get S maybe S+ across the board, but at this rate might lean into speedruns?

There’s probably a couple good methods to clearing the library shelves / zombos / X. Easily one of the worst rooms in the game.


Y’all I just played through the Lake Boss of RE4 again and it’s a good game. I am surprised what felt really intuitive 15 years ago (yikes) now is slightly clumsy.

Also almost want to restart on an emulator with a CRT filter, it looks good but some graininess would improve things.


same, i got s+ ranks done and still really want to play this thing

hunk’s scenario is so tense, i love it


skipping over a lot of this thread to avoid spoilers but I just started last night

I’m enjoying it a lot on hardcore, the difficulty is intense and satisfying, and the production values are incredibly good

but… am I the only one just finding it not scary at all? like RE7 was constant sheer terror for the first several hours but I’m just not feeling it in this game yet.