I’ve felt Leon looks better closer to still and Claire in motion. Like most uncanny facial business it’s the way mouth and eye/brow areas don’t exactly come off like part of one synchronous being, but on the whole it looks amazing anyways.

Finished up 2nd side with Claire earlier, opposite from the original I enjoyed hers more this time. The story beats with her and Sherry are just different enough and presented with feeling that in rare occasion with all my fandom, I got pretty sentimental about them on screen. High fidelity has power and that’s the big win of Resident Evil 2 Now.

My disappointments have hovered around something similar to 7: less enemy variety, again. Crows aren’t missed like mentioned before but an extra type of Licker and…something else are.

Instead of doing beforehand I’m probably going to play og RE2 again soon, it’s not just cutting the camp down I believe they trimmed some fat and lost flavor, it’d probably sound negligible written out. It’s a great remake with the passage of time; it’s not as much a masterpiece of design as 2002’s. Excellent work from the team I personally would’ve liked less modern compromise because it doesn’t have a concrete foothold on tension aside from Mr. X and he’s easily manipulated. edit: lack of more bgm with heavy mood like the original’s, is a big subtraction - though what tracks come along are solid


When I play RE2 for a few hours and have to stop because I need something a little less intense but still want to live in that mood,

I’ve been playing Parasite Eve. It’s silly! in the very anime way of presenting a scientific term as a metaphor but couched in scientific dialogue that I can bounce off of a few years back thinking they’re idiots but return, now, understanding (remaining baffled by) the device. The music is good and mixed very loud, and the backgrounds are excellent when they don’t have pointless monster fights in them.

especially the Central Park woods, maybe reaching for veins or rivers



when I was a kid

I think the only good memory I have with my dad is

cross-country trails at the state park, late at night, lined with orange sodium lamps, orange off the snow

around the duck pond, down the hills, sand dunes under the snow


my galaxy brain moment was realizing that mr. x wont chase you into the stars office because that’s weskers office


the first protocol of every bow: don’t touch wesker’s shit


Parasite Eve so good

I think maybe the only thing a videogame needs to make me like it is customizing guns. Except in competitive shooters, that doesn’t count.


Have you played Resonnance of Fate?




Will watch Equilibrium any time


mr. x is the only bow anyone made that makes any sense


yeah nemesis is like “we know stars failed completely in the face of our bioweapon but what if we need to kill 2 guys”



It was always interesting to me that Mr. X and Nemesis were both stomping around the same areas within like, what, two days of each other? Nemesis was there first, and they gave him a rocket launcher. X got a hat.

Seems fair


well there’s supposedly at least ten mr.x / tyrant 03 or whatevers deployed around raccoon city





that part in the re6 chris campaign where you’re going up and down the different floors of the building rescuing hostages from the creatures is almost really good. the engine they were using prior to 7 is too light and janky feeling though

it being a whole different genre from 1 also helps it feel like a sensible evolution for the character instead of him just being a videogame protagonist fated to relive remix scenarios of the original mansion incident for eternity

I don’t understand why they make you pick up skill points instead of just giving them to you though. and the game is weird looking, like you’re playing an older game with an hd texture pack.


i haven’t played and don’t know anything about re6 but the re8 re7/REmake2 are betas for should def. be a Leon v. Chris Highlander 4-style there can be only one situashe


the director of RE7 also directed way of the samurai

this guy has some fuckin vision


powerful knowledge


the more and more i think about this the more o think capcom may have set a bar for videogame remakes in a way that someone will definitely need to try to top


i feel like capcom did that when they remade the first game. hearing what people have said regarding the remake of 2, they’ve reset the bar higher on themselves.