I took him down once in the library so I could move shelves around and when I finished he had respawned(?) outside and immediately came back through the door.


Playing through A and B scenarios over the weekend was a little exhausting but still, great game. Had a good laugh at the True Ending credits theme too. Hopefully this does well enough they can turn around a 3 remake quickly.


Trenchcoat Ty rant won’t stop gunnin. I miss being able to topple him or get compensated for the bust though. First time I was trying to move those cases he was on me with 2 zombies stumbling around and I looped the stairs -> ladder at least like 5 times.

It’s great how the name stuck hard as Mr. X, he’s never really been called it in game.

In the English version of Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles, it was nicknamed “Trenchy” by Leon, though he calls him “Coated Bastard” (コート野郎) in the Japanese script.

Also good



whoa, what the hell


seems like wolfenstein’s extra content except free and less orthogonal to the main game’s appeal


Wtf is up with the knife durability. You use it 3 times and it’s gone forever? What?


Shades of Last of Us


It’s primarily a counter weapon (negate a successful enemy attack) and they’re trying to bring in the RE4 secondary weapon functionality on top, so they cost it durability to avoid disrupting the limited ammo game.

I don’t think it works and like a lot of compromise design it’s just ugly.


I was assuming there would be a way of repairing the knife at least. but apparently not? I’m not sure why it is even there. I was considering starting over but now I’m not sure of the point. game is still cool.


You get more knives later.


oh well ok nm then, lol


you can unlock an unbreakable knife


if i had made REmake2 Mr.X would be killable but only with slashes from the knives which add up over time and also leave visible scars it would take like 10 knives


I hate it when I’m cooking and I run out of knife


I swear Capcom hair tech is on another level


I mean you’re not wrong, but I low key started craving a hamburger during this cutscene :frowning:


Haggar’s daughter?


Ada’s hair and the slight bounce it has is so good. And that trucker beard! Love how many weak-chinned characters they exquisitely model here. And how baby-faced Claire doesn’t look creepy as much as like a realistically odd-faced person once you see her in a longer scene.


yeah the character models are definitely a cut above and unlike anything else (save for RE7! play RE7!) in a way that makes you immediately enthusiastic about this engine