If my exposure to RE7 was limited to watching LPs of the pre-release demo on youtube, and if I found that demo only borderline handle-able, spook-wise, about how okay would I be watching a LP of the full game?


honestly I think you’d be wasting it

it’s a horror game in an interactive medium! it’s all about that tension!

you don’t have to want to play it but an LP is just burning it for no reason


The game itself is way more upsetting than the demo, particularly in the opening hour.

But: If you can handle the 70’s Texas Chainsaw Massacre then you can probably handle this game.

Edit: Trying to reach for a more recent touchstone here… If you can handle Hereditary then you can definitely handle this game.


ymmv but if it helps most of the deeply deeply terrifying parts are in the prologue and the middle chapter

the rest of it is more “I’m gonna get killed by monsters!” scary than “if only I could die a swift death” scary.

it’s unbelievably good in VR


@Felix I honestly don’t think I’d be able to handle playing it myself. I’ve mentioned before in the thread that I’m pretty sensitive to horror (the original Siren was too much for me, and that was back in the PS2 days of graphics still being a bit wonky), so I had previously just assumed that I’d never be able to see any of it, but after thinking about it a bit, I thought I might be able to do it with the extra layer of separation that an LP would provide. Really, the choice I’m looking at here seems like either watching the LP or just never seeing the game at all.

@OneSecondBefore I actually haven’t heard of that second one, and never saw the first. I really don’t consume a lot of horror media! I was a huge fan of RE back in the day though because the graphics weren’t good enough to really make the experience visceral. I loved the intricate level design and the puzzles, and how the general structure of the game kinda enforced a slow-paced and cautious style of play. Now that the series is getting good again, I’ve been hoping to try and come back to it, in a “get the band back together” kind of way.


Like, listen. When I was a kid, the ghost from Spelunker literally kept me awake at night.


yeah I’m saying I’d pick never in that case, hands down

I scare pretty easy too! Or at least I did before I all but gave up watching horror movies when I was like 16 (which would’ve been a year or two after playing silent hill 2 and summarily retiring from the genre). I just really wanted to see what they could do with this game and it was entirely worth it.

but, again, I’m not at all sensitive to gore and when the game pulls back on the tension and leans on the violence, it’s no problem for me. If you aren’t like that I can easily see it being too much.


I’m a hardened horror lover so take what I say with a grain of salt, but: The opening of RE7 made my adrenaline pump way more than it usually does for most horror movies, but of course actually being in control of it went a long way there. The rest of the game after the opening section (once you get to the mansion) was completely mild, nothing too bad there.


things I can remember being terrified of as a kid:

  • the Harrison Ford vehicle what lies beneath
  • the goosebumps volume the headless ghost

  • Robert Zemeckis’ Death Becomes Her


I’m pretty sure my girlfriend at the time lost a significant amount of respect for me on the basis of my reaction to the ring


Serious advice, you could always read the Wikipedia plot summary of the first section of the game and then watch a play through starting when the player gets to the mansion and it turns into a regular, way less traumatic RE explore-fest.


with the exception of everything even tangentially involving Marguerite, who was responsible for (almost?) every time I screamed out loud


this is how i feel about mr. x




im dojng a test play on assisted and here’s what ive learned so SKIP THIS POST if u dont want my hot tips

  • the knife degrades so fast in combat it’s honestly better used for escapes or if you absolutely need to kill a zombie that’s already down.

  • mr x wont follow you into the dark room or the S.T.A.R.S. office and will walk off elsewhere after about 5 minutes

  • lickers don’t have opposable thumbs

-mr x’s times he’s hunting for you actually trigger and end at ceetain points. some mild sequence breaming can seripusly cut down on the time you have to deal with his fedora ass, basically _ if you’ve got spare time and know you can go grav some items youve left behind do it

-people have mentioned but yet when the reticle shrinks it’s more damage and better accuracy

so much pistol ammo you shpuld rly only be using your gunpowder for your extra guns


I am bad at this game but I think it is because I am trying to kill every zombie I see. I will try just running away when I can. I have been running away from Mr X every time though.


I kinda wish there was a way to stealth kill zombies so as not to alert Mr. X. They had stealth kills in Revelations 2, so I’m surprised they didn’t add it to this game.


I never once tried taking him down during my playthrough of Leon A-Claire B, probably because I heard he doesn’t have any drops now. If it puts him off searching a while though could be worth it.