REDACTED [Takenobu Mitsuyoshi Remix] - Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Thread Extended


I don’t know what y’alls problems are, I typically rack up 3-6 kills every race in GX. You just gotta…do it good.

But no, it’s way weaker, sometimes I’d get 10 kills in X, it was incredible.


I def got like… something stupid in a GX race once. Barely any racers left at the end

I was really going for it tho


On the Lightning - Thunder Road track, I believe I eliminated all but 4 or 5 racers. That track in particular was good for murderin IIRC


lying out there like a killer in the sun


Nice to see some F-Zero love. F-Zero X is a monumental racing game of pure genious that does not get the recognition it deserves. GX is great in it’s own right, but X has better mechanics. Imo it’s the better game.

X is one of the few games I enjoy watching experts play, especially custom tracks.

Doesn’t look half bad on a flat screen with updated textures either:


I picked Ike. I spammed nairs and hit rematch. I reached 3 million GSP and unlocked Elite Smash.

Guess I’ll watch an Ike video or something.


I’m mad that this game doesn’t have any tracks from the Mother 1 vocal album in it. It woulda been a perfect fit!



Furious that the Megaman from Megaman Legends is not a “Legend”


Neither is big the cat


does anyone use the dojos? are they good for anything?


really getting tired of every other person in quickplay endlessly teabagging


I unlocked Sonic Boom from Sonic CD. Soundtrack redeemed


The one that trains spirits for exp got four of mine to level 99 in, like, 2 hours…I think it still works while the switch is off.

Is that a dojo?

I haven’t messed with the other ones.


no that’s the gym and yeah it rules

unfair that there is only one gym and like 14 dojos afaik


The more I try to learn about this game the worse I get at it. Where is the Marie Kondo of Twitch streamers to tell me to give up and delete this?


clearly you should join me in the Diablo 3 season 16 pit of despair

I grinded for a bracer for my build for at least 4 hours today and couldn’t get it to manifest and I’m excited to go try to get it and fail again


Videogames are brain poison.


What’s making you feel like you’re getting worse?


I’m trying to do dash, turn around cancel into short hop, fast fall, back air, land behind opponent, short hop, rising neutral air, fast fall consistently.

Why is “jump and kick a couple times” so many buttons?