REDACTED [Takenobu Mitsuyoshi Remix] - Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Thread Extended


I don’t know what y’alls problems are, I typically rack up 3-6 kills every race in GX. You just gotta…do it good.

But no, it’s way weaker, sometimes I’d get 10 kills in X, it was incredible.


I def got like… something stupid in a GX race once. Barely any racers left at the end

I was really going for it tho


On the Lightning - Thunder Road track, I believe I eliminated all but 4 or 5 racers. That track in particular was good for murderin IIRC


lying out there like a killer in the sun


Nice to see some F-Zero love. F-Zero X is a monumental racing game of pure genious that does not get the recognition it deserves. GX is great in it’s own right, but X has better mechanics. Imo it’s the better game.

X is one of the few games I enjoy watching experts play, especially custom tracks.

Doesn’t look half bad on a flat screen with updated textures either:


I picked Ike. I spammed nairs and hit rematch. I reached 3 million GSP and unlocked Elite Smash.

Guess I’ll watch an Ike video or something.


I’m mad that this game doesn’t have any tracks from the Mother 1 vocal album in it. It woulda been a perfect fit!



Furious that the Megaman from Megaman Legends is not a “Legend”


Neither is big the cat


does anyone use the dojos? are they good for anything?


really getting tired of every other person in quickplay endlessly teabagging


I unlocked Sonic Boom from Sonic CD. Soundtrack redeemed


The one that trains spirits for exp got four of mine to level 99 in, like, 2 hours…I think it still works while the switch is off.

Is that a dojo?

I haven’t messed with the other ones.


no that’s the gym and yeah it rules

unfair that there is only one gym and like 14 dojos afaik


The more I try to learn about this game the worse I get at it. Where is the Marie Kondo of Twitch streamers to tell me to give up and delete this?