REDACTED [Takenobu Mitsuyoshi Remix] - Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Thread Extended


they should add a cavalier, everyone loves a horse doing sick air combos



On the CD release of the soundtrack of GX, the first disc is just all of the character songs and it is amazing.


I can’t believe you guys are bringing up the GX character songs while not also pointing out that every character has a batshit insane ending cutscene set to said music


Y’all are making me really regret selling GX back after so little playtime.


I’m not judging you but


hey what I really wanted to say is as much as GX is the greatest racing game of all time (and it unreservedly is), X s underappreciated next to it and has aspects of its style and worldbuilding unrivalled in GX


I like X a lot; I think mechanically it’s less overwhelming than GX and the short tracks are brutal and snappy.


X is probably a ballsier, more experimental game by virtue of Nintendo going so hard in on a constant 60 fps that the game is often more than not visually abstract and also the OST is probably more consistently better

also also X on a CRT is probably the smoothest looking thing


yes but does it got boost power


X literally defined how boost power works in every subsequent F-Zero title


hmmm it just occurred to me that I can play GX in 4K


wow how did I sleep on this it’s so good

the mrs. arrow theme is straight up synth pop imo


this is my hold music at work


the announcer voice is one of the best things about X, he’s miles above the GX one

the way the countdown turns into a warbly singsong as the music starts is just…incredible


i used to idle on this profile all the time


also X has the Death Race or whatever it’s called



They call back to it in one of GX’s story missions but the side-check (love the side-check!) and spin moves are much weaker in GX, they obviously didn’t pay more than lip service to the concept.

Car combat was obviously big when they were making X, as Wipeout reacted to Mario Kart and everyone reacted to Wipeout, but car physicality has always been the best-feeling and cleanest expression of this. It was a shame GX cleaned it up.


it’s still great when you manage to OHKO someone in GX because it’s so rare that you pull it off and you just know immediately


I should just give up on video games and play ZeroRanger, Fzero, and DooM.