REDACTED [Takenobu Mitsuyoshi Remix] - Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Thread Extended


Late night online Smash



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I finally broke down and googled ‘Chrom’ after spending this whole thread trying to figure out what beloved Nintendo character it was a contraction of and, god, I should have known, huh?


Sakurai loves them Fire Emblem boys!


be cool if I wasn’t so bad at this game


Seems like when someone disconnects the AI takes over and just repeatedly suicides? I just had this happen with a Jigglypuff and a Ganondorf where they were winning at first, then the items went in my favour and I got ahead, only for it to seem like they gave up and killed themselves until time up. You don’t get the points for winning either, so seems like the trolls win in this case :confused:


am i right that there’s like 8 fire emblem characters but only one f-zero

cmon yall there’s like 40 chars in GX!


the thing is Capt. Falcon more or less is popular because of Smash (I’m pretty sure Ultimate is going to outsell the entirety of the F-Zero franchise if it hasn’t already) and his continued inclusion is because he’s an OG (ignoring that all of the characters introduced in GX might number 10 or 11, most of the cast was already there by X). nevermind that he has very little in the way of character (no we don’t count Falcon Densetsu/GP Legend (look, he Falcon Punches in that show, Smash already made more of his character than all of the games before the show combined))

if it makes you feel better, Goroh has been in since Brawl as an assist


I forgot how much personality shines through for anime sword person #5. Every time they swing their sword overhand I think, “how charismatic!”


Ike saying “I fight for my friends” after winning tells me more about him than anything Smash could tell me about Falcon


Captain Falcon wants to know your moves, man! Show them to him!


The blurbs and attitude-ful drawings of the brand-new 30-character roster in F-Zero X were all I needed to love that world. It’s such a good pastiche of US and British sci-fi comics and that soundtrack! that narrator! Just goes all in.

GX is a better game but X has a better aesthetic. It’s maybe the most confidently styled game Nintendo has ever made. I love that game’s scene

(and Nintendo clearly doesn’t like it anymore, F-Zero levels in Nintendo Land and Mario Kart are some frankensteined bright and saturated plastic look. And Sega didn’t really go for it either, their exclusive GX characters (hid behind a ridiculous unlock barrier? Were they embarrassed?) live in a different, AM2-ified aesthetic universe from the F-Zero expanded cast).


I was just thinking the other night that GX is one of very few games about which I think “you know, I never did see enough of the content” whenever I think of it, without being confident that I ever will


Something like 40! full music tracks, one for each pilot, that only play on the bio screen in a submenu

the utter mad luxury


and some of those songs were a lot of fun

Cheesy Sonic-esque pop rock

00s trance

some kind of Lemon Jelly thing sorta?

I don’t even know how to categorize this. End Credits-core?

whatever this is

These ONLY played in each character’s three-menu-deep Bio screen! There’s like 40-something of these, and they’re all completely different, and many of them with vocals!

And so many are just so beautifully cheesy, I love it
It warms my lactose-loving heart BABY BABY


this reminds me of a nagoshi interview from several years ago when someone asked him “how much influence do you have within sega, in your position?” and he was like “er, without being immodest, probably a whole hell of a lot”


fun fact: if the first and last tracks I linked sound like Daiki Kasho, that’s because they are


Doesn’t Fire Emblem have other weapons like axes and lances and bows and shit? Why does every Fire Emblem character have a sword in Smash?


You can’t tell me James McCloud wouldn’t fit right in the Smash roster!


bwahaha an amazing troll to have him as a Fox clone


hey now

Robin has books

and Ike actually has a stone club