REDACTED [Takenobu Mitsuyoshi Remix] - Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Thread Extended


My favorite is Bowser Jr. I switch it up and play a different koopaling every time, but NEVER Bowser Jr. himself because fuck that kid. How do pro smash enthusiasts rank him as a character?



uh lol


then again

so like


as a palutena player i love chroms on quickplay because they universally panic when i kite them with projectile bullshit


(i am still bad at this game and corrins ruthlessly pummel me)


It’s Chrom’s oppressiveness that gets me. I’d be happy to give him some recovery strength to tone down is on stage game. I don’t think he’s busted like bayo was but just feels to good, maybe. It just feels like trying to challenge his buttons especially in the air is usually a losing gamble. I just want to feel like I can breath against an aggressive player.

Even at his best, Mac in 4 was mostly a scrub killer or just had very polarizing match ups. He felt middle of the road. He probably destroyed half the cast while the other half could destroy him back. Chrom has a toolset that lets him engage most of his match ups on his terms. Mac can be pressured and cornered if you could zone him or keep him off the ground. Olimar is in a similar position as Mac. He has match ups where he just wrecks shop and then has others that wreck his shop.

All in All, for the first month, character diversity has been fairly solid all around. Everyone seems to have some stuff to show off here and there. I don’t want to send Chrom to low tier jail, just slap him with a warning.


A nice succinct b-reverse tutorial b/c I don’t think I had one in my above post:


I’ve got a 55% win rate when do I unlock Elite Smash?


It’s per character and you need a certain GSP. Since GSP is literally just a count of players that have played online, it keeps climbing. I think you need somewhere north of 2.8 million GSP to be elite now.

Don’t get too excited either way, it does nearly nothing in terms of the quality of matches you get. There are still people with troll rulesets.

The GSP system is pretty broken; the points you get don’t seem to scale based on how good your opponent is, and if you keep pressing “rematch” it will match you with players at your old GSP until you return to the lobby, so you can cheese it by tanking your GSP, and then pressing rematch until you climb all the way up.


Isn’t your GSP score literally just “here’s how many people you’re better than”?


So you’re saying I need to keep pressing rematch…


Yeah, if you want to climb, keep pressing rematch. I will warn you, you may find yourself way out of your depth the next time you play with your real GSP!

And yes, GSP is supposed to be how many people you’re better than, but the way they calculate who you’re better than is questionable at best! It works in very broad strokes, but my matches vary pretty wildly in skill, even at the higher GSPs.


is this where I point out how Arms does all this online stuff better than Smash and that was made by the drunkards at the Mario Kart team




arms lobbies were the best fighting game lobbies


it’s absolutely astounding that, in the period between 4 and Ultimate, Bamco made Tekken 7 and Soul Calibur 6 internally and produced DBFZ and those games have Good Lobbies and a limit to rematches that forces you back to matchmaking and far more intuitive (yet still interesting for their respective IPs) ranking systems

what if Sakurai is out of touch? no, it must be other games that are wrong.


Ike is about to win a tournament convincingly

I’m going to cry I’m so happy

I welcome this brave new world of nair spam


Just played my first online match

got #rekt


Ok, so I tried this because I was curious. I was able to win 11 straight and add like 2 million to my character’s GSP as well as a little to my roster GSP. I only stopped because another player kept rematching me and I wasn’t getting much for winning.

Definitely not a great system, but I’ll get wrecked tomorrow so at least it’s karmic.