REDACTED [Takenobu Mitsuyoshi Remix] - Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Thread Extended


Super Smash Brothers Ultimate comes out December 7. I think it’s gotten out there early. text


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this is my favorite remix i’ve heard so far and man i would kill to get rid of that warp pipe sound


thanks for reminding me to set up all my social media muting before it comes out



looks likely no new sonic remixes aw shucks


is this the thread where i can complain about how (despite giving us omega and battlefield forms for every stage) sakurai still refuses to listen to my very reasonable demand that every single stage have a Great Cave Offensive form, or do i have to make another thread for that?



Yes! Also discuss how Charizard without Rock Smash is not fire lizard I can respect any more.

I kind of intended this thread to be the forum Smash thread in the first place.


Even though I hate playing Smash with people who take it at all seriously, I am still super pumped for this game! I’m not too proud to admit the fan service works on me.


There’s a rumor based on omissions found within the list of Spirits that one probable DLC fighter might be Porky Minch, because every other Brawl boss gets a Spirit except Porky, yet there are Spirits for stuff like the Absolutely Safe Capsule. Plus, with only two remixes (Magicant and Fourside), a Porky fighter pack would let them add some much-desired Mother 2 and 3 remixes and a new stage. I’m very on-board with this hypothesis.


going to play this

what was the script on the last one?


I am so hype for Castlevania stuff I cannot deal. Also Piranha Plant


I think I’m most hyped for being able to play on wily’s castle without the yellow devil making a mess of it. I wanna hear those sweet megaman tunes but have more than an Omega level to play on. Really jazzed for Simon and Richter. I’m into infernaroar on his presentation alone.

I am well prepared for the salt mines when I know my friends want to start trying to play serious.


My modest proposal:

Give every stage these four forms.

Hazardless Shadow Moses Island is apparently only a ceiling away from actually being a No KO box lol.

In all seriousness, I am looking forward to this game.


everybody just goes random on a random stage


I heard hazardless wily doesn’t have platforms


Consider my hype dowsed.


oops, looks like the reggie busted some doors down


Holy crap


sorry but