REDACTED [Takenobu Mitsuyoshi Remix] - Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Thread Extended


I just played an hour of this! The menus are gorgeous and the assist trophies are really fun. I got one that was the main character from The Frog For Whom the Bell Tolls and he is so rad and cute. It made me really want to finally play that game!

I unlocked the inklings and they’re strange but feel pretty good.

Apparently the first DLC character is gonna be the protagonist from Persona 5, so that’s fucking bonkers.


my switch code is in my profile, my internet is iffy even by Aussie standards but add me coward


I randomized stage select and got Green Hill Zone and Live and Learn was playing, goty 2018


I will add you once I shell out for Nintendo Internet!


oh shit i forgot about that haha


I got this too, gonna play me some Sm’others on the bus home



i got this and played it a bit before work. it seems that “reset glitch” everyone kept passing around about unlocking characters is mostly hogwash. guess i’ll just have to spend a few hours tonight unlocking Bros. to Smash.


The characters unlock fast as heck. I have already gotten like 10 of them and only played around 2 hours.


Yeah, I played an hour of vs. mode with my buddy and we were unlocking new characters roughly every two matches. We couldn’t discern any meaningful order to the unlocks. Is it random?


Seems somewhat random, yeah. My experience has been alternating between old characters and new, but I don’t know if that is intentional or just dumb luck.


Won’t regain my gamecube pads til tomorrow.

Playing on a different pad is wrecking my brain.


what the hell is going on in this game


If you only play versus matches they unlock in a set order but if you unlock from the adventure or classic mode it will probably shake up the order. I managed to get Megaman and Ryu on my first night of grinding so I’m happy to get whatever now.

The close game and reset trick works fine but you have to play for about 20-30 minutes to build up some data records. It seems that distance walked and number of jumps and all sorts of other data unlock fighters into a queue of sorts and once you’ve met those thresholds they will start being active in the Challenger Approaches parts.

Man, at first glance Samus is in some dire straits. Dash attack isn’t a combo starter anymore, down throw is a nonstarter at even less percentage and missles feel even less impressive than they did in 4. I’ll spend more time to see if I can get a neutral gameplan going before I cry lost cause but Melee Samus was just so much fun. Ryu’s autofacing is at times an amazing boon but also a mental control hurdle to get used to. Auto short hop attack is an amazing control feature but I still need to sit down and fiddle with my controls to get them just right.


I am having fun with adventure mode. Master Belch from Earthbound is my main spirit.


I will be on this when my gamecube stuff gets here

whining about melee as per usual


Oh dang I missed this thread.

I’m stuck in class for a few more hours but I snuck in some time with this in the morning and at lunch. It’s pretty alright!

Gonna miss rotating those 3D trophies, though :frowning:


are we gonna put a room up tonight or what

i wanna own you noobs


Also, I am not a pro but playing on the joycon in hand held mode seems fine so far.


let’s get some rooms going tonight hell yeah

I think I’m free tonight?