REDACTED [Takenobu Mitsuyoshi Remix] - Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Thread Extended


I can attest to both of those things. They both happen to be $15, which I think is a fair bit cheaper than the official versions?

Sometimes my mayflash gamecube adapter reads the analog sticks wrong when the system comes out of standby, but just unplugging and replugging the offending controller fixes it

I have an amazon basics usb 3 network adapter, it works fine. The cord is too short for the back of the dock to close though.


the official GCN adapter is 20 (I think, idk I got mine the day 4 came out before they became worth their weight in gold for a couple of months), so that’s not too bad if you can find it, but the Hori LAN adapter is 30, which is double of most of the no-names on Amazon that do work, so

really, you should own a GCN adapter anyway because they work natively with Dolphin and are also treated system-wide on the Switch as pro controllers so any game that doesn’t require a second shoulder button or has customizable controls (or actually supports the procon Pokemon Lets Go) is playable. fuck, if you get a USB C to A adapter, it’ll even work in portable mode (I’ve confirmed this personally)


I dunno if y’all care about spoilers, but just in case,

Looks like dataminers have determined the next DLC character is gonna be Erdrick, or at least some sort of early Dragon Quest hero. On one hand, neat! On the other hand…dang, another sword boy.


seriously though, y’all wanna see some hype play, just set two lv9 CPUs against each other

CPUs are WEIRDLY good in this game


At least Dragon Quest protagonists have some kind of magic to spice things up.
I think a lot of the problem of making a lot of JRPG characters into smash characters is that all of them are Sword Boys.


why did you lie to me


does this include the mayflash 3 in 1? If I got a switch could I use the GC controller adapter I’ve had for a decade to play 2p arms rather than have to buy joycons? This is very interesting to me


Start an all-CPU tournament bracket, fill it with matchups you’d be invested in, and set everyone to lv 9. It’s surprising how much fun this is, and while sometimes there is some dumb play, there’s also often surprisingly good (and extremely ballsy! (I saw one CPU perfect-shield Lucina’s Shieldbreaker! TWICE!)) play


I only see the two adapters listed on Mayflash’s site (the 4 port and 2 port ones) and as along as they’re fundamentally indistinguishable from the official adapter, they work in Switch games that support the pro controller (I’ve seen video of it being used in MT Aces and I’ve personally messed around with it in Arms, MK8, SMO and Splatoon 2, the last being unplayable due to missing a second shoulder)

it’s a lot of two CPUs running around and jumping and poking with no concept of spacing, no actually ballsy plays like off-stage edge guarding, nothing unorthodox and a lot of the CPU doing their common defensive options, which happen to be a lot of perfect shielding and dodging on nearly everything

hype is the set from Smash Conference United I saw this morning that was a Snake ditto and there were explosions fucking everywhere and silly off-stage chases and hilarious setups


missed the laser shot after defeating a legendary young link in the event :confounded:


Just finished the first round of a 32-player (max-size) lv9 CPU tournament. Lot of entertaining stuff going on so far. I’ve saved some replays, might build a highlight reel. This one showboating-ass Pichu had me laughing like an idiot


We gotta talk about Chrom. He’s like a gorilla on cocaine. I’m not crying Nerf but I’d consider it a win just to see his Aerials get a little more start up or shrink the hit boxes at earlier points of the animation. They are really hard to challenge.


I keep seeing a lot of talk about Chrom being stong, but he’s just so easy to gimp once you get him off stage. Which is big because the return of the single air dodge makes going off stage a big thing in this one, probably bigger then melee given the slower speed
Anyway this game feels pretty damn balanced to me, which is surprising given the large cast.
The stand outs that I can see are Pokemon trainer, Belmonts, and maybe inkling but they’re all so fun that it’s cool.
No one feels particularly underpowered besides maybe olimar and pacman although that’s probably me not knowing how to play them at all (seriously how does anyone make olimar work)


Chrom is an amazing character with one big very obvious and very exploitable downside. He’s still pretty good, but certain matchups are really rough for him. He’s probably legitimately the best character on-stage. No one else has that speed coupled with reach and power.

For Olimar play, see this finals in a Japanese tournament from last month:

In general, is a great site to find tournament games for any Smash game. They have most major and weekly tournaments, they’re updated pretty quickly, and you can filter by specific characters/players.


This all just sounds so familiar but I can’t put my finger on it…
[giant low-opacity superimposed Little Mac slowly grows larger]


Little Mac has power but no range. Chrom has crazy juggling and combos that Little Mac doesn’t have.


He’s been buffed a lot, to be sure, but back at the start of 4, Little Mac was considered very scary so long as he’s on the ground, but useless to the point of memery once you got him offstage

Even Chrom can go for the taking-you-with-me up-B off stage though


Yeah, I think the biggest difference is that Chrom actually has good aerials, while Little Mac’s are virtually non-existent.

Chrom does well in tournaments, but he’s not won any majors afaik and it’s quite possible he gets worse as people find more ways to exploit his recovery.


I’m still having trouble deciding on a main. Almost every character I wanted to try, I haven’t unlocked yet, so that’s weird.

Smash is weird for me in that almost every character I like as a character is either bad (ROB, Shulk, Belmonts, Samus, Jigglypuff), or plays weird in a way I have a hard time jiving with (Snake, Isabelle, Rosalina, Mega Man, Shulk, Inkling). Or they’re obnoxious to play against (Rosalina, Shulk, Belmonts, Ness, Shulk, Lucas, Shulk)

Obviously the answer is MAIN PLANT


Well good news! R.O.B.'s pretty damn good in this game:

And I think most of the other characters you mentioned in the “bad” section are pretty decent too!

Play who you like in this game imo!