REDACTED [Takenobu Mitsuyoshi Remix] - Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Thread Extended


yes, though generally you’re trying to hit them before they even try their recovery move. you aren’t edge guarding so much as building their damage in situations when you know they can recover.

when their percentage is high enough it can be a finisher. also a good way to punish characters who spam powerful/high priority down airs… it can’t be cancelled for the first few frames it’s coming out of ness’s head.


I mean, they get their up-B and (I think) their air dodge back, but, like…

I saw a Ness vs Ridley tournament match the other day, and it was painful to watch. My poor space dragon was getting juggled like nobody’s business.


just… watch this


Ridley is combo food: the character


but guys, if you don’t set your music manually, how will you hear Ring A Ding and LIGHT PLANE (VOCAL MIX) on the ~10 stages they’re available on


holy shit this owns


if nothing else this version has the best music of any smash games. I feel like in the past the remixes and stuff have been extremely hit or miss, but I have not heard a single bad track yet in ultimate.


Only a small handful of actually new tracks though


yeah, Light Plane (Vocal Mix) is actually from 4, as is Light Plane. the new remix for Ultimate is Light Plane.

edit: I’m not being glib or anything, this is actually how it is


why can’t i play as Midna this game is bullshit


I bought the full DLC pack and now I’m worried it’s going to turn out to be the one Persona 5 character and then 4 more Fire Emblem Generic Anime Fightboys.


I bet at least one of them will be from the upcoming Fire Emblem, then the others will be something weird like Hatsune Miku or Cooking Mama


There’s probably at least one Pokemon in the mix, right? And there’s a lot of support behind the theory that that character from the new Metroid is gonna be there.


New character from new Metroid? Did I miss some announcement?


This was E3 2017 and since then nothing except Retro Studios are not making it


Ah, I saw that but I didn’t realise there was a new character associated with it


I think I conflated an few rumors in my head. I was reading a forum thread discussing Sylux and Kanden from Metroid Prime Hunters, and at some point they started talking about Edelgard from Fire Emblem. I haven’t played either game, so I think I got them mixed up.


picked up that Power A gamecube controller, since it seems like getting the gamecube controller adapter dongle thing is not gonna be realistic anytime soon.

It’s decent. Not 100%, but it’s passable. I’m definitely doing a lot better

Now to track down a LAN adapter


I bought a cool 8bitDo gamecube controller adapter. It’s a weird little device that can connect to a PC or a Switch via bluetooth, and then connects to the gamecube controller via the regular port. It also has a port for Wii dongles and NES and SNES classic controllers, which was a big selling point for me.

Unfortunately, I didn’t realize until it came in the mail today that it only actually has ONE gamecube port. So now I only have the capability to connect one gamecube controller at a time. Guess my friends are out of luck! But I can use the NES classic controller to play NES games on the Switch online service now, so that’s neat. And I’m looking forward to messing around with Dolphin on my PC now too.


remember friends that Mayflash has been making knockoff GCN adapters since Smash 4 and many, many, many plug and play LAN adapters based on the same chipset work other than the Hori official one