REDACTED [Takenobu Mitsuyoshi Remix] - Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Thread Extended


I use this method which only requires a standard Brawl iso:


Anyone want to play this at basically any time tomorrow (Monday)?

This used to be me but then I switched to Donkey Kong. Now I’ve got a good job, a loving wife, and I wake up each morning to watch the sun rise.


really enjoying the feeling of feeding spirits to make them stronger and then feeding them to my amiibo virtual pet fightman to make it stronger like fattening up animals to feed to my child


why aren’t there custom spirit battles

why can’t i put robin in castlevania with the sword and the majora’s mask moon and call it sephiroth and share it online


I remember making a squid child FP and in 40 minutes she went from “how do I recover” to “my fucking precious child just up smashed me for 50%” in 40 minutes

what a dumb and wild horse betting mode they made




I love ness in this game he is so good


this seems… less portable than I would like. but thanks anyway! I’ll make my own at some point.

the main reason I liked PM was because they made lucas so much better


apparently lucas has been buffed somewhat too in this game but I haven’t investigated too closely


PK Freeze is massively buffed. It now sends folks sideways, which means if you hit it offstage they usually just die.

The PSI Magnet moves for both Lucas and Ness now have hitboxes when released, and you can use them to change up your landing timing, cancel your jumps, b-reverse, etc etc.

They both seem pretty good in this game!


Ness’s PK Fire is so powerful


Yeah, PK Fire is extremely frustrating to play against. It’s hard to get out of and leads to a lot of followups for Ness (grab, aerials, another PK Fire, a spike if you hit them offstage).

All their “spells” in general are better. Shorter startup, cooldown. And PK Thunder is much better in a game where people can’t repeatedly air dodge.


PK Thunder is actually a viable kill move at reasonably high percentages, for the first time I think ever? It’s so satisfying to pick someone off that way.


Juggling someone offstage with PK Thunder is the filthiest, most sinful way to play as Ness. I love doing it, but I feel guilty every time because I know how bad it feels to be on the receiving end.


Anyhow, back on the subject of UX/UI gripes, I just want to say how annoying it is that the game gives you plenty of sorting options for your spirit list, but none for the stage and character lists. Let me sort fighters by series or weight class or frequency of use or ground speed or animeness or whatever. And please let me sort the stagelist into something that is not a completely un-navigable mess. How else am I supposed to figure out where the flippin Paper Mario stage is?


Yeah I think this game has some UX problems in general. Like, why is it a giant pain in the ass to normalize the frequency of the songs in every stage? I ended up just turning down the frequency of the first two songs and let the rest of the songs be because it would have literally taken me an hour to set them all manually.


While I generally agree that this is an optimal solution, I’m pretty sure there are a few mixes which do not play at all by default. I think these are mostly instrumental versions of tracks with vocals, though. There’s also commonly a case where, for example, Fourside has Onett songs on its playlist which do not play by default, and likewise Onett has Fourside songs which don’t play. I got like a third of the way through enabling every song in every location before throwing up my hands and just resetting back to default frequencies.


Stage songlists should just be playlists of the exact same variety that you can make in the game’s sound test, and you should be able to choose what stage gets which playlist. As it stands, having each stage tied to a series produces a lot of cruft on each stage’s song list, and makes it so some fitting songs don’t have a real home. Like, IIRC you can’t have X’s Tunnel Theme play in any of the Star Fox stages anymore, despite the remix being made expressly for that purpose back in Brawl, because it’s grouped with the “non-series” music.


Doesn’t this give them their jump back though


I did almost this exact thing