REDACTED [Takenobu Mitsuyoshi Remix] - Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Thread Extended



if you just go like arenas > join arena > friend arenas you’ll any that are up!


h8ers go home!!


How long is spirits mode jeeze

The Street Fighter area was a fun discovery though!


WoL makes you think it’s going to end at least twice before popping up another area

it’s great terrible


The user experience feels like a big step down from the last smash. It’s a death by a thousand paper cuts kind of thing. Quickplay is a hassle because you are character locked and are kind of at the whims of matchmaking. It sucks to find a decent player/connection and think you want to bring your main out and really show them what you got but nope. Stuck playing what you started as so you can only rematch the same match up. The lobbies are missed opportunity to have multiple game set ups so not everyone is waiting. Not to mention trying to change anything like music, character or stage takes you out of line. The spirit meta mobage is just to thin to work for me. I mean I love the idea of almost anyone and everyone being in the game in spirit but it’s just so superficial. It’s just a jpeg with some numbers. The actual essence of the character is barely preserved if they have some kind of effect. Getting trophies and placing them in cases in themed arrangements in 4 felt more reverent and appealing than what we have here.

I’m still enjoying the core game and getting in to the swing of things again but everything around it is just not working for me and kind of driving me away.


Better get in on this action quick before the Nintencops come to take it away

They can fix this one though


Ahhhh the moon one


I have decided this game is good and it’s mostly because ness is not nerfed for the first time in two decades

it seems like a lot of “professional” types are playing as inkling but inkling seems to be… really… bad?? anyone have insight on that?


Inkling is absolutely the best char in the game apparently - lots of good, fast moves, ink stacks damage multiplier on, sliding as squid is superb for mobility
So says some youtube tier video I watched anyway


where’s travis touchdown


Jacking off in a bathroom somewhere


guess i cant buy it till he finishes


it weirds me out how detailed the assist trophies are compared to the roster now they’re so close it’s weird nintendo hasn’t just gone all in on everybody yet


Along similar lines, it’s weird to me how many Mii costumes are just outfits for other playable characters. Like, I guess it’s cool that I can have Link, Young Link, Toon Link, and Mii Link all in the same match?? But why???


The costumes where they make the Miis look like characters from other games can be cute, like when you’re fightin’ a chibi ARMS boxer on the Punch Out! stage


thought honestly if we were to go all in on another sega team itd be cool to see vyse show up with his original big head semi-squat body proportions to differentiate him from all the cute fire emblem sword boys




Give me NiGHTS or give me death



they have a boxer in this game.

they have a boxer


there’s already a boxer in this game though

he’s from the same series