REDACTED [Takenobu Mitsuyoshi Remix] - Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Thread Extended


i mean like…he even has green gloves

and boxes

with his fists

like mr. sandman




i can’t

EDIT: but there’s a boxer in this game though, i can’t stop repeating that in my head, what were they thinking, there’s already a boxer in this game.

EDIT: and he boxes

  1. they already use Little Mac for the Balrog fight in the SF tribute map
  2. there’s no brown Little Mac alt
  3. Japan

reminder that Dark Pit is still called Black Pit in the Japanese version


they even used little mac for the doc louis spirit battle

they could have just made a big mushroom little mac lol


It’s not even a great tribute. Sleepy floor is funny, but it should be Big Mushroom Little Mac, strong smash attacks, and halfway through the battle he gets stronger. That’s the Mr. Sandman we all know and love.


Mr. Sandman is the best boxer in Super Punchout because he is even tempered, never cheats, and only unleashes his full potential in the third round, at which point he becomes a total nightmare. He’s the first boxer in that game where there are no cheap tricks, you just have to beat him fair and square. Also he’s not a racist caricature??

he deserves more than this


hey remember when people had to call Nintendo out because G&W’s forward smash replicated a Native American with a torch, a depiction Nintendo themselves had already altered a decade earlier and then a bunch of people lost their shit because Nintendo was capitulating to the “PC” crowd and I need a drink


Oh, the nerds at my job were literally complaining about this two days ago and fuck I hate nerds.


dumb motherfuckers

none of the assholes complaining will play or even so much as see a G&W unless they’re around the 30 crazy people who main him because of brain problems like I have

everyone wants to holler and moan that his F-smash got changed but no one’s there for us assholes who have to deal with the destruction laid bare onto his fair

this is why I support making every game about featureless cubes in featureless voids


I mean, these are the same dumb motherfuckers that throw around Ugandan Knuckles all the time, make a bunch of Pepe emoji, and so on. This was in a conversation where they wanted to talk about how we shouldn’t “pass judgment” on older games…even though that isn’t what was happening at all. Of course they also blamed this all generically on “tumblr”

I wish I was making this up, but tech is a shitty hellhole of asshole manchildren, and nothing will convince me otherwise.


did they complain about whatshername the sword from Xenoblade Chronicles 2 getting covered up in her spirit (no boob window, tights), which ironically a bunch of people think looks better than her original design and is now an alternate outfit in XC2 proper

I think it looks better but, well, having tights is sexier (don’t you judge me)


have you pointed out the irony of their complaints in light of the fact that Nintendo is now the cool dad licensee and lets you touch titty ninjas and see girls without shafts of light unlike stuffy head pastor Sony


No of course not because I go out of my way to avoid engaging with them, lest they decide to run me out of my job with yells of “SJW!” and so on. Sadly, I still need money.


& i thought they couldn’t do worse than the paz spirit


in uh happier news i’m finally winning online with palutena. finally smash has a zoning magical girl that’s not completely terrible


I mean, mac is an infighter whereas DK is a better representation of a hard puncher but I kinda doubt whoever at N was making these was that much into boxing theory and parlance?


DK is also the Akuma to Mr. Sandman’s M. Bison in the Punch-Out!! Wii game.

Well, minus the Shun Goku Satsu I guess.


I was just reminded that croissants fly everywhere when you KO Glass Joe in that game (he’s french).


punch out wii is good


my goal this time was to main 3 types of characters: one that’s been in every version of the series (Mario), one that’s completely new (Inkling) and one that i love dearly and consistently gets me wins because everyone i’ve played is totally baffled by how i play them (Pac-Man wearing those flannel oven mitts)

though now ive found myself just playing King Dedede lately because it feels so good to hit people with my big boy hammer


Ganondorf’s new sword is so much fun.