REDACTED [Takenobu Mitsuyoshi Remix] - Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Thread Extended


When are people playing online? I want to do that.

I heard Young Link was good so I tried a few matches with him. It was weirdly evocative of the good old days because he’s better in this game I like less than he was in the game I like more, and that somehow balanced everything out.


I want an unwanted Dragon Warrior cartridge from nintendo power to be an assist trophy.

Also, I continue to get wrecked in online. I am lucky to get one stock kill if I am lucky.


i’ve had an arena up with a couple buds for a bit most nights lately, definitely anybody should feel free to check the friends’ arenas list and join up anytime. would also be happy to do something more organized

also we usually play 1v1 three stock no items, if anybody wanted to do anything different they’d need to speak up


I am dumb where do I check? (I don’t think I have your friendly code.)


Now I’m not completely convinced this will happen, but Nintendo just dropped Ninja Gaiden on their NES shop channel. I know they’re pretty tight with Koei/Tecmo, which makes me wonder if Ryu Hyabusa might end up making an appearance.


Huh, by this logic LOLO and/or LALA might pop up to. Castle Lolo turned up as one of the NES games and despite being tailor made for this whole spirit thing, they’re nowhere to be seen.

Plus that would be peak Sakurai fucking with the SSB fanbase, which gives it a little more plausibility for me.


smash devs should be Arrested for making me listen to the sonic heroes theme in 2018


also my friend code is sw-2766-6960-5300

disclaimer: i’m bad


That’s on you guy, you can make it never play


Yeah but they also have the Sonic R theme which more than makes up for it.


not a guy and u should always get consent before playing the sonic heroes theme song


Any game that has Sonic R music is goty but if it had “Can You Feel the Sunshine” or “Living in the City” then it’d be gotd


if it doesn’t have this version of sonic heroes what’s the point


I will always listen to the Sonic Heroes theme.


Oh wow, you can dress your mii fighter up in the Labo robot suit.
I shall clad my brawler in the cardboard and call him Labobo.


I can’t separate the Sonic Heroes theme from that dude who grabbed the mic and screamed the lyrics during that anniversary thing in LA.

I guess they adjusted the challenger difficulty to make it, uh, easier? Because I fought Duck Hunt and was completely steamrolled by 'em, so I guess that’s not all that different.

(I like Smash OK but am absolutely terrible at it)


The latest patch made the challenger fights much easier.


SW-7742-9938-9284. I am the best player in my apartment.


I am trying this too now. If they would let us go more granular, I’d disable smashing on A so that only the right stick could smash. Or I’d use separate buttons for smashes and tilts since they’re basically light and heavy attacks anyway.


Don’t know how I feel about so many people here outing themselves as smash players. This game annoys me more than any other I’ve ever come across. Just its mere existence. It’s terrible but I don’t kink shame. If this is really what the world wants then so be it.

I’m getting old