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what are the best emulators to use on vita?


I got the city building game set in china cause that sounds coolest to me of the settings. Thank you for the recommendation! I’d never heard of this series


I stopped playing Assassin’s Creed games after Brotherhood.

If I were to pick any other game in the series, from III to Odyssey (in other words, ones that are available on current-gen consoles)… what would you choose?

They’re all on sale right now and I’m thinking of trying one.



you got out just in time


The pirate one was pretty cool


Odyssey and play as a woman, because the writing is better and well acted.


Shadow of Mordor/War


I’m a big fan of Origins and Odyssey, but after playing through all of Origins (great!) and most of Odyssey (pretty good!) but I would pick one or the other. It’s…a lot of game.

That said, I think skulking around ancient Egypt is a touch cooler than sailing around Greece. Pick whichever sounds like a more fun setting (and play as Kassandra if you go with Odyssey).

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Is there a Rage 2 thread? It’s weirding me out that no one is talking about the game that much. Then again, nobody asked for it right? Bethesda was like “we got you bro, we know you loved that first one!” and we were all like “yeah it kinda ruled but it was also a strangely inert and dispiriting experience. We actually don’t really care if there is another one”. Then Bethesda was like “oh but we already made it and it comes out in a month” and we were like “I guess I’ll play it?”


it’s by the just cause team so really anything that people liked about rage 1 probably doesn’t apply


I just read some article about how the entire game apparently seems to equate cleft palates with “mutant” and how it was a super bummer for the author (who was born with a cleft palate) to play through that for hours.


I wanted it to be multiplayer :\

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Yeah, the Polygon review right? The writer even quoted an awkward exchange with the creative director I believe.


I’m playing Rage 2. I like it but I don’t know I would endorse it or tell other people to play it. All of my thoughts on the game are tied into larger thoughts about open worlders in general. I’ll probably make a thread about it later.


woah jeez


Has there ever been a game where you get to dump someone and can decide how

I feel like there’s real untapped potential here


I’m almost certain there’s at least one small independent game that does this, but I can’t remember a name.

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Anyone got any suggestions for like, good cartridge slot cleaning brushes? I got a lot of cartridge slots that need to be cleaned and I I don’t know where to start looking.


what are the best visual novels, like ones that are as good as a book maybe. does that exist. also are there ones that dont look like anime


sorry no

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