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is deadfire still worth a look if i couldn’t stand the first few hours of pillars 1



I loathe the original and adore deadfire, it’s night and day

that I haven’t really seen this perspective written down too many places makes me :thinking: about critical coverage of CPRGs


Yeah I have a lacking in played overhead/isometric view CRPGs, kind of itching to explore one of the newer grade since they’ve been passing me by a while now.


in that case you could definitely do worse than dragonfall as a taster, but I’d recommend D:OS or deadfire immediately after and even maaaaybe in lieu of if it’s not grabbing you

Original Sin 2 is great but if it’s your first entry I would expect you to … not finish it and walk away feeling somewhat ambivalent, even if you had a good time


I am going to play the fuck out of Battletech here soon


I definitely don’t agree with the PoE 1 vs 2 night and day angle since my experience with both has been extremely similar. I played 1 for a few hours, got bored. Came back after the expansion, got really into it for some reason (White March was great imo) then was excitedly looking forward to 2. Played a few hours of 2, got bored. Looking forward to picking it back up and it hopefully grabbing me now that all the DLC is out (whose model isn’t near as appealing to me as the big White March deal was).

I think 1 and 2 both are very dry games and you have to be extremely tuned into what they’re trying to do to get onboard, but if you do then hey they’re great.


the specific set of things that they improved between 1 and 2 made it seem like josh sawyer and I have extremely similar priorities for RPGs:

  • I thought the combat in the first game was so boring that I was surprised they even shipped it (and then didn’t improve it at all for tyranny), given how inadequate (and generally unsatisfying) the “AI” toggles were and how many times you had to manually cast the same buff. and then 2 had fully customizable gambits! they’re endlessly interesting! you can have cross-class characters now!

  • the first game seemed to take for granted that you wanted to play the most by-the-numbers CPRG story imaginable; you get some kind of ancient powers in an accident, you explore shitty little dark towns, you resolve curses, you fight skeletons, etc. once again I was almost shocked at how little effort was being made to deliver anything other than the most traditional-as-in-bad experience they could. 2 starts you out in a totally different world, wipes the slate completely clean so you don’t need to know anything (other than the cosmology of pillars’ weird warring gods, who are neat and who can be learnt on the fly), and then puts you in the middle of competing colonial factions in a story that’s actually nuanced in its portrayal of various evils! there are pirates! the world map is huge and not a series of crappy little maps that you click between!

  • all of your companions in 1 are like “RPG guy” and “amiable deist” and all of your companions in 2 are like “blue oversexed demihuman”


POE2 is still not on consoles ;_;

by the time it comes out i will probably be ready for another one of these games

but in between im gonna need to play spiderman or some shit




I’d have to mess with the gambits more when I come back around I suppose, I never cared for it as a system much in FF12 either though I can appreciate what they’re going for I guess? Just feels weird to have a game play itself even if it’s cutting down on the constant Per Encounter buff tedium.

I think I prefer the map in 1 over the big sea in 2, primarily because ship combat is more tedious than anything. Also the narrative in 2 does that thing which always bugs me where you’re led to believe time is of the essence, A Walking God is marching across the land and has to be stopped but here’s a million sidequests in the first city. Take your time. Which I mean whatever. I’m also one of those weirdos that kinda prefers BG1’s scope over 2.

I think both games’ party members are generally pretty bad and generally a typically quippy zany Biowarish western assortment that you’ve seen in a million other places so the more grounded nature of say, Eder, is a lot more appealing than many of the others. Though at least 2 doesn’t have a character like Grieving Widow whose entire storyline exists to trap you in wall of text dialogue about her backstory then has the gall to quiz you on it (if you fail, you have to read all the dialogue again).

Def looking forward to trying it again though, part of the reason I bounced was also because I knew if I beat it I’d never come back for mid-game DLC and the thought of having an unfinished game drives me nuts.


I think the DLCs are generally a poor proposition because the one off town-plus-dungeon-narrative-arc islands are always OK enough but like, the two or three of those in the game already that are fully self-contained are plenty


oh hey it’s my pal Dakkon


I wanna play a farming game on my laptop. Like an rts kinda thing. Age of empires without armies, and smaller scale. The only game I can think of is that Banished game. Is that any good? Is there something better.


banished is weird but you’d probably like it

The city-building series would probably appeal to you, people typically say Zeus: Master of Olympus with the Poseidon expansion is the best in the series.


can you still put books from non-amazon sources on the newer kindles? the battery on my 2011 model is about to go


As long as they don’t have some sort of DRM, yeah. You might have to convert them to a Kindle compatible format if they don’t come in one though. I guess Calibre is the de facto program for that?


Yeah. I upgraded to a waterproof Kindle, and still use books from Gutenberg.


yeah i use calibre already, most of the stuff i download is epub and i end up converting it to mobi


You really are #1 Mass Effect Fan


when deadfire first came out I think I was even pretty clear on describing it as, like, the best possible version of a bioware game

I do really admire it as a postcolonial work that doesn’t browbeat you – there are not only several different versions of siding with the colonists if you wanted to, the game doesn’t even explicitly code it as “wrong” (and your best companions will leave you at the end if you don’t!) unless you’re paying attention and you know better.