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if I go to norway and do a CIT robbery will I go to norwegian prison or just get deported


Is Halo Reach supposed to be a stuttery popin mess?


what the hell how do I get retroarch to detect and run the english patched ihatovo monogatari? I scan it it doesn’t do anything, I try to add it manually no cores come up to open it with. it’s a rom file, it’s there, just run the damn thing. what linux user invented this shit


Thats bizarre. Have you tried loading the core first and loading the rom afterwards?


Are you playing on Xbox One because IIRC that’s one of the titles it has trouble with

I don’t think the game was a smooth 30 to begin with though


got it. I had a typo in the playlist of course. this is why I can’t code either. I don’t understand why it didn’t just detect it on it’s own though

also since updating to the version of retroarch that just came out the text has stopped scrolling so I can’t tell some of the cores apart, great


I was surprised to see the entirety of Detective Pikachu somehow left up on YouTube too


(Foreigners can’t watch this but maybe Americans can?)


I could watch it and I’m a foreigner in a foreign land


Foreign to my shores but not

to my heart


It always catches me by surprise just how much the guy with the cue cards is a dead ringer for my high school German teacher.


looking for a youthbe documentary by a cool lady with a chill voice about why all the shitty youtube men are the same


Are they though? I guess many of them.

(I have never enjoyed watching tubers, at least the ones big selling a personality)


this definitely isn’t what you are talking about, but i couldn’t resist


I have never played Guilty Gear and the last non-Tag BlazBlue I played was Continuum Shift.

If I liked playing Noel in BBCS, is it likely that I would enjoy playing Elphelt in Xrd REV2?


When using the Switch in docked mode (or technically any older gen console that can at most output a 1080p signal) on a 4k TV and if the game actually runs at a 720p internal resolution, would setting the output resolution to 720p actually result in a better scaled image that’s clearer? Saw mentioned that at 1080p output it will first imperfectly scale the 720p image to 1080p and then the TV scales to 4k. At least if you let the TV do all the scaling then you don’t get any upscaling artifacts since 720p scales perfectly to 4k resolutions.


I think that’s one of those YMMV situations. As every scaler is different.

As a rough example: If I watch a DVD on my plasma TV, with output set for 480p resolution to the TV: My TV does a nice job of scaling the image. But, it doesn’t do anything to adjust color saturation or is pretty minimal on noise and artifact reduction. So the image ends up looking a bit stale and lacking warmth.

But if I set my PS3 or Sony Blu-ray player to output the DVD at 1080p: Sony’s scaling also adjust colors and other things. And the results are quite pleasing.


Plotting my game course this year has worked well. Over the horizon?

  • Divinity: Original Sin 2
  • Shadowrun: Dragonfall

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play DOS2 and more importantly read and enjoy my posts about it


I would recommend deadfire or D:OS 1 over either of those (original sin 2 is a bit bloated and dragonfall a little lean) fwiw

they’re all great though