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I think the big Zelda news was that they drastically overclock the CPU now, during load screens. To speed up loading. But as soon as the loading is done, it goes back to normal clock speeds.

However, I’m sure there have otherwise been performance patches, in the past.


Divinity Original Sin is on sale for like 8 bucks right now so I finally went ahead and bought it thanks to all the chatter I’ve been seeing about it here. My gf and I are gonna play it co-op sometime soon! Which controls are better, keyboard or controller?


Is Dragon Quest Heroes 2 like… Any good at all? I got it and played for a while and then got really bored by the Musou combat. It just seemed so grindy in a really boring way. Am I just playing I wrong?


does anyone here play backgammon? ive been playing casually on and off for a couple years now. i suck but i rly like it. anyway https://backgammongalaxy.com/
seems to be the new kid in town that is like paying the biggest players to promote the game so i guess it is where everyone will migrate. i will use it on my laptop and i will continue to play my 6 daily games on backgammon ace on my phone i guess.

backgammon galaxy looks like the world’s neatest flash game which i guess is nice but i still like the animation in backgammon ace. It made it super easy to keep track of movement on the board.

anyway if anyone wants to play me in backgammon you can find me on both of the mentioned places. let’s play some games!


I’m curious about one day learning to appreciate musous that aren’t Drakengard, but I think if they don’t click with you, it’ll be hard to turn your mind around. Tim’s Kotaku review for Hyrule Warriors is about musous in general, and pretty good Tim writing, if you’re curious about that.


are there any programs that aren’t steam that I can use to take screenshots with a controller button


Joy2key should do you


If it is an xbox controller/simulator win10 has that built in sometimes.


I like to use FRAPS for screenshots. Because you can set it to keep taking pics in intervals. So if I want pics from a boss fight or something, I set it to take a pic very 2 seconds.

But yeah Joy2Key for mapping a keyboard key to your controller.


I’m no musou expert but Hyrule Warriors is my favorite musou game. It feels great to play


Anyone know where I can find a rip of the DOUBLE DRAGON movie?


yea you can straight up do exactly this in the switch display options, just set it to 720p

i’m not sure what effect it has on zelda anymore after updates, but it used to make a big difference




oh yeah




i was pretty shocked to find the entirety of Arrival on youtube recently


Cool, thanks! I’m glad it makes a difference. I knew that option existed but I didn’t know whether it was just a downscale, or if it did something funky like downclocking the system to portable speeds to output at 720p, or similar, since I imagined having an extra output resolution would make cert more complicated.


SO what are the good KEMCO rpgs?


dragon view


I don’t know what a kemco is but Dragon View kicks ass