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My memory is that it differed by studio, that there were a few competing case designs. Those cardboard cases survived quite a long time and I would see post-2005 releases showing up in them.


Yeah, I think anything distributed by Warner Bros. came in those cardboard cases, while most everyone else latched onto the more familiar plastic design almost immediately.


the Sonic and Knuckles of video packaging


If a man were to successfully have his penis and testicles transplanted with those from a different man, and were able to regain full functionality of said penis and testicles after the operation, would the sperm he produced be of his own genetic material or of the donors?


I think the sperm themselves would be the other dude’s. But they’d be slip-sliding along what your own prostate made for them.


the ultimate cuckoldry experience


pretty sure there was a Tim & Eric short on this


Anyone know a sight that does reprints or copies of Sega Saturn Spine Cards?


are there any good books about the japanese torture porn industry/v-cinema/splatter/guro and how they relate to japan’s economic conditions over time, national psychology, gender hierarchies, etc.

yes i just saw audition


What is the best D&D video game and why is it Dungeon Hack?


It is very obviously Dungeons & Dragons: Daggerdale


Is it possible to use the new bsnes HD mode 7 mod from within retroarch?


It’s probably Planescape. Or the Capcom brawlers.

That said, I found Neverwinter Nights II to be a deeply flawed game that was actually like the vibe of playing a D&D Game. Like every single character is a high concept smartass that has exactly one memorable trait. But you will remember their trait a long time.

There’s also that weird fucked up Eberron RTS Dragonshard.


One thing I dislike about most D&D videogames is that they either A) make you play as a party, or B) are too action-based. I want to play an RPG, not an RTS or a fantasy-themed beat-em-up.

I want to care about what items I find. I want to have a use for utility magic. Too many dnd vidcons strip out the details. The details are what I want!

The reasons I like Dungeon Hack are

  1. you’re in charge of ONE character. If a game makes me create 4 characters, I put way less effort into thinking about their builds and play style than I do a single character.

  2. If you’re a wizard you can find scrolls and put them in your book! So cool!

  3. Armor Class plays a large roll, and hp totals are low. You don’t have 694/760hp, you have 13/21.

  4. Detect Magic and Identify are IMMENSELY useful because of how much every individual item matters

  5. It’s good

It’s probably the closest thing to a roguelike that I’ll ever actually enjoy


yo anyone played xanadu next?


It’s really cool! I played the fantranslation years ago and it stuck with me. A fun dungeon crawler with some cute dark soulsy ways of unlocking shortcuts in the environment that lead back to your homebase. I think it’s like from 2004 and iirc had a damn Zune port.

Also, it’s Falcom so the music is great:


yeah it sounds like a very sb game but i couldn’t find any mention of it before now, currently cheap on steam:


I’ve debated about grabbing it multiple times just for how much I enjoy the PC falcom stuff, but never have.


Is there a way to force the Switch to render in 720p in docked mode so I can get better framerates? I mostly play mobile anyway but I’d be curious to play a lil Zelda on my monitor.


In Zelda’s case at least I think its recent patch actually made the docked framerate on par with the handheld mode so you’re covered there at least.