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I feel like I shouldn’t have omitted the friend who “can’t get a GF” was basically a fedora-and-chivalry “nice guy” and whined about being “friendzoned” like 10 years ago. (This guy is no longer my friend. The burn is still great.)



this reading actually makes the scene where she thought he was attracted to her much funnier because she’s like, constantly dangling this over the poor kid and his mind is going in circles but he fails to associate any of his tortured headspace with his instructor repeatedly sexually harassing him

"dammit … no … never going to have someone of my own to take care of and to cherish … can’t do anything … oh it’s Quistis again, I wonder what she wants … "


@toups This is from an old topic but can you expand on this? I can’t find anything online about RNG in the Great Palace.


There’s no RNG at play time, so I assume Toups is talking about prebaked procedural generation

It would certainly explain the uniquely mazelike layout. I can’t think of another platformer level where I got so lost

EDIT: I can’t find any source supporting the idea of prebaked procedural, either. To fit large maps in limited ROM, Zelda 2 and NES Metroid levels are based on big ~screen-sized tiles that can be repeated. This is similar to a common procedural method and the result is reminiscent, but I haven’t found any evidence that it was literally laid out by an algorithm.


mortal kombat 11 looks stupid good


yeah i don’t think it’s randomly generated, I think I’m just really bad at zelda II


I’ve certainly never got through the last palace without a map by my side.


I could swear the last time I played it the scene order was different every time, like I swear I tested it. Like not the actual level geometry, but it was more like the last dungeon of Super Mario 1 where these little pre-designed areas proceed in random order. And it also felt random whether or not you’d encounter that annoying sub-boss before dark link. But I think I might have just been very frustrated and gave up before understanding it?

That was a dark time in my life. Please forgive me.


the last level of smb doesn’t have random areas either


u r finished in this town


oh no


toups trying to pull a mid-2000’s tim rogers but accidentally choosing the most mundane and disprovable form of fabulism


that is giving me way too much credit I’m actually just extremely dumb



we are gonna be talking about this at sbc3 i’ll tell you what


The avatar synergy in this post is too strong

The scouter is ruined


lying toups


:slow clap:

I feel you toups. For me it was always the random bit in the forest maze in Zelda 1 that got me.


wikipedia says dvds started being released in japan in 1995, does anyone know of any titles from those early days/have scans of boxart even?


From what I can tell, in the US market they usually came in cardboard cases with plastic inserts like this:

The matrix wasn’t in the first batch, but photographs of Twister, which was allegedly one of the very first, looked pretty similar to this. It seems to be the standard for all the early Warner Brothers releases anyway, and Time Warner was a big part of the creation of the DVD consortium so…this is probably representative?