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Worth mentioning: the amount of spells you receive via the Draw command in battle is influenced your Magic stat. If it’s low, you’ll only get 2 or 3. At 100, you’ll always draw 9 per turn

Also, not every spell is useful. Don’t feel obligated to max out on every spell that comes along. Some are ONLY useful for junctioning. Some are only good for casting. Some aren’t any good for either!

Always check every new enemy for new stuff to draw. If a draw target is being particularly stubborn and keeps failing, it might be a new GF, so keep trying.


When is someone gonna machine learning upscale the backgrounds in FFVIII

There’s already a fully fledged HD mod for IX that upscales the FMVs too!

Am I gonna have to do this myself??


ok never mind it does exist I’m just bad at googling apparently


I think it’s more that emphasizing drawing & junctioning completely changes overall battle flow. You want to prolong battles until you draw everything you need, and then skip all the other battles cause they’re pointless. If you’re coming off a long jrpg and especially FF tradition of “press X to fight everything as quickly as possible” this is like exactly the opposite strategy, and the game doesn’t do enough to signpost the 180-degree turn for old fans.


this is just another reason why it’s a shame they lost the source code. we’re never gonna get the “turn off random battles” button


I actually like FFVIII’s in-game mechanic to turn off random battles!


look no one is saying final fantasy viii doesn’t have enormous hilarious flaws but that’s all part of the charm.

and besides that you don’t have to play the game like a psychopath to have a good time with it. it plays perfectly fine if you play it like a normal final fantasy game. you just have to do the work of keeping up with junctions and GFs and all that like you would espers or materia or what have you. the biggest problem with viii is that the junction system is comparatively complicated and relatively obtuse, but it still isn’t as bad as like any given saga game.


I think it just comes down to perceptions. Spending time grinding and drawing spells to pump your stats, is probably about the same amount of time it takes to grind battles for Gil to buy Materia to pump your stats.

For me, 8’s only real gameplay problem, is the repetitive stress injury inducing system they put in place to boost GF summon damage.


imo all jrpgs could benefit from a good “Level 0” hack

I have completely forgotten about this feature, but big if true


IIRC the… I wanna say either Diabolos or Doomtrain(?) GF has Encounter Rate 25%/50%/200% Down skills that you can acquire. There are also Encounter Rate Up skills that help for the endgame Island Closest to Hell hyperbolic time chamber grind. Hope you like Ochus


You mean as good


diablos has abilities Enc-Half and Enc-None, and you can get diablos pretty early in the game.

also due to FFVIII’s level scaling enemies, you’re probably only making the game easier for yourself by never leveling up. bosses don’t even give exp!


you just turn everything into cards okay


isn’t that a GF ability you can unlock (edit: oh I should have scrolled lower)


then turn cards into MAGIC

magic cards


my gf already plays magic


A friend of mine once made a crack about how the reason a mutual friend had such furious hatred for Final Fantasy VIII was because “he can’t get a GF” and it was really goddamn funny.


More like guardian farce

…more like


Gradius Face



that looks really funky behind the spoiler filter