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Also the only game in the series I think where your melee damage type (slash/thrust/crush) was a significant factor when fighting certain enemies.


except the DkS catacombs


yall are making me want to dig out a ps3 and play some demons souls again

it is probably my favorite souls game and i dont think ive ever properly cleared it


Nodding my head furiously as y’all talk about Demons.

I wonder what direction the series would’ve went if they explored the Equipment and Carrying weight thing. I like the feeling of being a dude carrying a bunch of stuff and always having the right tool for the occasion, but the menus just clunk that up in a bad way. I dont want to get good at those menus like I want to get good at spacing enemies and reading attacks.


It’s pretty noticeable in DkS2 as well. Mostly in the direction of making clubs OP since every challenging boss is armored and therefore weak to crush


Well equipment weight stays throughout the series. But I can see why they got rid of carrying weight. Its a lot easier to focus on equipment variety and upgrade paths, if you aren’t worried about whether or not you can carry your materials, etc. There were a few times in Demon’s Souls, where I had to dump stuff so that I could pick up some not so common materials. and that’s annoying. and then it was like, ok, now that I have sacrificed stuff just to “hold” these…do I go back to the Nexus and dump stuff or keep exploring like I really want to?

I think that if you’re gonna have a carry weight, you should probably pare down the complexity of your item systems. Having to make sacrifices, just so that you can keep moving through a level, is not fun for me. Thankfully, Demon’s Souls doesn’t work out so that You are limited too many times (probably because you can’t sell shit for currency). But some of those other dungeon crawler games get super annoying with how many times you have to go back to town and dump/sell shit. Just so that you can keep going.

If they had kept the carrying weight, I think they would probably have made healing items heavier. To try and limit those more. Instead they just straight up limited how much you could have, with the flasks. Thus balancing that you can otherwise carry as much other stuff, as you want. Doing away with a lot of tedium and micro management. And even then, they realized things were still a little too far with armor upgrades and whatnot. So they got rid of that, too, for DkS3.

They also let you access your storage box at any Bonfire. They went the direction of wanting to keep you “in it”. I’m a fan of that.


Wooo, I’m so into this discussion. Please consider the player’s demon hunting Mari Kondo when reading this post:

The reason why Carry Wt is so interesting to me is because you can’t just loot everything and be like, “fucking sweet I’ll deal with this later”. You have to make decisions about your environment immediately. Pumping your Carry Wt stat would be like speccing your character to be a hoarder and actually making that a useful skill for the player to maximize. And while “wanting to be a hoarder” is definitely Forum Axe territory, I’m totally being serious. In Dragon’s Dogma I specced my Pawn to be a mule (and I’m sure many other folks did) to carry all of my stuff. Sancho Panza is such an interesting character, you know?


AFAIK the concept is Carry Wt is a stat about preparedness. The Nexus is so much more impactful than the Bonfire because you do so much more planning. Do you take 10lbs of arrows? Do you take 20lbs? Do you bring armor sets for poison, fire, and physical resistance? You know there are enemies strong to slash & smash so you take pokey, but…it’s unfamiliar and not upgraded, should you still take your smash hammer? I think a lot of the downplay of this is from experience 1) you know what you’re up against so you stop overpacking 2) you have learned how to deal with particular situations with suboptimal tools so you can even underpack

(Note, I think Chalice dungeons were borked because they didn’t force you to choose in these specific ways. You could go and grab and didn’t have to think about either step. If you did, infinite dungeons would be so much more interesting.)

So, onto what you actually said re: design:

  1. Pare Down Complexity of Item Systems
    I totally agree! I hate going back to town to drop loot for $$$ in case you could use those $$$ to do a thing, and the lack of resell is kind of awesome. I think persistent dropped items would solve this problem. There’s no value in bringing it back to homebase if you’re not going to use it, and if you are going to use it but you’re maxing out on Carry Wt then you have to make smart decisions. But as is, instead of dropping an item you’re essentially deleting it, and that’s bogus.

  2. Healing Items and Wt
    This is totally understandable! I wished they played around with Carry Wt more because I think this is a logical conclusion. Also, I think another interesting conclusion would be to spread out items and/or have a crafting system. Just looking at healing items: have multiple healing type items that all healed slightly differently (over time, with a penalty, with a positive side effect) and different properties (heavy, craftable with other items, lifetime [sup Dragon’s Dogma]). Tbh, instant heal items are bogus and I hope games get rid of them like… 20 years ago. But, even on top of that, having healing items that are good in combat/out of combat/while running/casting magic/etc would be cool. And then, since at times healing items are sparse, having to deal with a less-than-optimal healing item would be very interesting. Have this spread over to stat recovery items, boons, throwables, etc… that’d be rad AF. Again, I think this is a thing that FROM probably thought about but couldn’t design a simple interface for, so… I wish they tried (and succeeded) tho

  3. Making each bonfire functionally a Nexus was kinda cool. I found myself doing the first loop in 2-1 instinctively going towards the archstone, but then realizing the only thing I’d get is topping off my health and two long 2008 loading screens. JFC how did we deal with those for so long


Anyone know how much combat is in the new Anno? I read it doesn’t have ground combat anymore but still has naval combat and I’m not sure how prominent of a focus that is. I just want a chill city builder where my problems are economic and geographic. I don’t want to kill things all the time. I remember liking one of the old Annos a lot. Maybe it was 1404? I think it was also called Age of Discovery.

Was the Settlers a pacifistic city builder franchise?


Never played Anno except for the first one but I can confirm that Settlers had combat


My desktop PC from 2011 died. What’s the best way to get rid of it?


if that’s like a 2500k or something then parting it out is going to be far enough north of worthless


Maybe? On ebay the total sale value for both my 2600k + my mobo is <$150 if they’re tested and working and I’m not sure how I can test them (practically speaking).

My 970ti is easier to test and fetches ~$150 but I think that’s the only thing worth selling.

Am I missing an easy way to test my mobo / cpu?


Yeah, I think having the items be persistent, would be a pretty great overall “fix” for issues I have with carry weight. I mean, you still have to fight your way back to the items you left behind. So its not a free pass. It would then be cool if invaders could come in and loot your dropped stuff.

Demon’s Souls had a further incentive to stretch your preparedness Vs. Carry weight: If you beat a boss and then do not return to the nexus, but instead move directly to the next section and beat that boss too: You get an extra bonus towards white world tendency, than if you had first gone to the Nexus, before meeting the next boss. and i think the bonus stacks each time your skip returning to the nexus. Such that a 3 boss run would probably put you in full white. I don’t remember, exactly.

And don’t forget the stakes: you can’t move toward white world tendency, unless you beat a boss while you are in human form. But not returning to the Nexus after a boss fight, means you might have a harder time staying alive and keeping your human form (which gives you full health capacity and more damage output). And stones of ephemeral eyes aren’t always the most plentyful. So, regaining your humanity isn’t always trivial.


I can mail you a 2120T so you can isolate which failed if you want

I have also eBayed parts in this situation without being able to test and just figured I’d refund no questions asked if I had to


Why did FFVIII’s Junction system get such a bad reputation at the time? Having played through the tutorial last night, it seems like it was explained adequately… so I don’t see why people claim to have been confused by it…?


you can totally break the game over your knee five minutes in with junctions

this is my favourite thing about the game honestly


Yeah, that’s the primary thing that drew me to playing this game in the first place. It’s a feature, not a bug.


You can’t rest at an Inn to recover all your magic


I’m going to blame the game for making you think this would be your primary source of magic.


It’s not? I got 8 with a million other PS1Squeenix games via PSN and the slow pace turned me off probably all of them