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Has anyone tried “A Way Out?” It sounds like something that could be worthwhile.


Kinda neat but you really need a second player, where online or on the couch. And it has to be someone you know.


it’s comically bad but also pretty novel if you’re playing with a bud yes


Just beat Dark Souls 3. That means I have cleared all the Dark games and Blood, but I haven’t beaten Demons. Started Demons, and holy shit does it not feel as good to play. Please suggest how to clear this game so I can join the elite club a decade late.

For reference: I recently played quality in DS1 and 3. I was parrying like a boss in DS1, but near the end I just couldn’t figure it out. I tried parrying again in 3, but I was not doing it right or something, so I just crushed things w/ the Greatsword. I have a lot of Vit and End in DeS right now, but… the easy damage sources that were Claymore/Zwei or Greatsword/DrangHam in DeS are eluding me.

Tldr How Demon’s Souls Thx


pick the sword you think is coolest


demon’s souls is great and is honestly super easy if you’ve played all the other souls games. go for it.


It was miserable and I only got past the bridge to the giant boss guy once


It’s ok and you’ll have an average time


@stavekoff is right. Just pick something for which you like the moveset.

You don’t really get to dig into the core upgrade system, until you find the other blacksmith. and it will probably take you awhile to find him.

There are a couple of weapons easy to find early, however, which can make things a bit easier.

Also, once you obtain the “Red Hot Demon’s Soul”, DO NOT DO ANYTHING WITH IT. You need it to trade to that Blacksmith, to utilize his services. But only he tells you that. You might otherwise be tempted to consume it for a large amount of Souls.


Cool Samus art like

reminded me of our discussion about Metroid transcending itself earlier in thread.

I could go diving but if anyone knows of more art with creative/unique designs for her, thought it’d be good to see here.


they should make a sequel about going for long walks on the beaches of hell and call it Demon’s Shoals


You never heard it was Seaman’s Foals -> Project Beast -> Bloodborne

  1. Demons is actually easier, you’re probably thinking too hard about it

  2. As in every DS, halberd is king

  3. Do yourself a favor and just FAQ how the weapon upgrade system works, I am a huge proponent of not spoiling yourself on these games and rolling with the punches but this particular system is just too frustratingly obtuse

  4. Parrying is a lot harder and sort of a mechanical sideshow, don’t bother with it imo


Yeah, Demon’s has a weapon upgrading system that is almost impossible to figure out on your own beyond dumb luck working in your favor so look all that up immediately.

I generally started my playthroughs using a spear until I got a solid grasp of things as it is a fairly safe weapon that lets you block while using it. It also strikes in a straight line and in Demon’s your weapon attacks are much more likely to be interrupted by hitting a wall or other environmental object. I believe they tuned down how likely that happening was in the Dark games (either that or they are just more wide open), but it is something to be aware of.

I hate to recommend looking up the location of a specific item… but the cling ring is in 1-1 and is borderline mandatory as it reduces the amount of health you lose due to not being in “human” form from 50% to 25%.

You can become over-encumbered in Demon’s and have to drop stuff in order to move, and that dropped stuff disappears forever if you leave the stage or die. Regularly drop stuff off with Stockpile Thomas.


easiest way to get started is pick royal as your starting class because they begin with the basic soul arrow spell and an mp regeneration ring, then pick up the crescent falchion and adjudicator’s shield early in 4-1

if you dig crushing things with a greatsword, try the meat cleaver it fuckin’ rules

as others have said it’s a lot easier than the other games, you can carry 99 of every healing item and 1-* in particular throws them at you, you’ll likely cap a few of them by the end


Dark Souls just doesn’t put you into as many tight hallways. Yous till clank on walls.


The Original US release of Demon’s came with a big guide that explained everything it is great and how i played so look up all you need! Maybe there are scans of the guide!


Yeah the healing system, aggro system and stagger system are all completely broken in the player’s favor in Demon’s. They balanced all of those in DkS1 (respectively: flask limits, group aggro triggers and separate poise-damage stat), so as many cheeses as that game has, it’s not even half as cheesable as Demon’s


no do dex build + katana it’s the only way


yeah demon’s is still Hard on its face but it’s also a lot less interested in constraining you into a specific playstyle, it has a lot more of that dungeon crawler heritage, you have to switch weapons in tight hallways and you’ll have plenty of items and it’s all fun and weird and fine