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I’m trying to repair a 2010 MacBook Pro for a friend.

It’s having a ton of trouble with the memory. Like the memory seems to be working on and off at random.

I’m trying some newer RAM in there but if anything that just seemed to make the issue worse.

Does anyone have any tips on the best strategies for successfully slotting RAM into here? Is this just dirty contacts? Is this a totally unfixable problem?

Seriously, I need some help here.


if it’s not just working then yeah the contacts or something else on the board must be failing


is there a way to get crt filters on dosbox games, and is there something as good as the royale filter in retroarch but instead of for tv’s for a 1992 pc monitor



I mean for dosbox by itself, not retroarch



the dosbox libretro core apparently supports midi now (now, as in a year ago?).

crt-royale would still be the best way to go for simulation of the dot-style shadow mask typical of pc monitors but accurate simulation requires higher res output (like over 4kish(?), for 240p and then up from there) than the more geometrically regular/simple slot shadow masks of a typical post-70s(?) tv and simplest sony aperture grilles.


I don’t know what heat shrink is but I have braided usb cables by volutz in heavy use. I bought a pack on Amazon because they were cheap and one of the cables included is 2 meters long. I don’t see them breaking any time soon, they still look great. Had them for about a year. They are often accidentally sat and slept on because they’re lying around on the couch where my girlfriend and I use tablet, phones and vaporizers. One I use for the gamepad and it’s in just the same great shape.

I have to add that I’ve never had a cable break on me before, braided or not! So our experiences might not match


I never thought that accurate CRT emulation would be the thing that motivates me to consider a 4k display, but here we are :frowning:


Remind me why I have both the PS4 and PS Vita version of Night Trap in my PS Store wishlist?


I’m not a therapist


In my experience the braided cables just kind of start fraying anyway. Might just be better off buying a cheap roll of electrical tape to cover up breaks in the heat shrink as they occur.


Serious question time and one that I’ve been wondering about for decades: has anyone not from Germany ever seen a variation of this trailer?

It’s for the original C&C, set to Beethoven’s Ode to Joy. I mean, first off, this still gets me hype like Williams! And if it doesn’t do the same to you I don’t wanna be friends. Just listen to that Terminator theme-like beginning and then ogle all the militaristic action when Ludwig van drops the beat! It’s hella 90s, nails you to your seat and blows your hair back

Quick translation: Westwood Studios soon presents to you a realtime simulation that will set new standards. A computer enemy with artificial intelligence. Complete 3D studio design (???). More than 60 minutes of high end computer animation. OVER 30 levels. Playable over network and modem. COMPLETELY IN GERMAN




(Yeah in German you say hammer for something that’s great. Das ist der Hammer is literally that is the hammer and means that’s great, amazing, etc.)

There’s also this version without the quotes, guess it came out before, that is sooo proud of the actual gameplay! It’s beautiful

If only the new C&C had complete 3D studio design instead of complete pay to win design


Do all German commercials have music from German composers, is that a national law or something


who can point me to the easiest way to set up gamecube emulatio


:point_right: :dolphin:




does anyone know what this is or what it does? the art is based on the kirby manga

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You uhh put a card in it.


There’s this game that’s been on my mind forever, and I can’t for the life of me remember what it is. It’s a 16-bit game with “X” in the name I think. It’s a 2D action game in which you play as a mech who rides on a car, and you can also detach from the car and fly around and shoot stuff. IIRC it has frustratingly precise collisions and I kind of just ate shit a lot.



fuck, how could i forget