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ZZT is great, but full discolsure, I am friends with the author.

Bible Games was a surprisingly good window into how a group of atheists and agnostics fueled the unofficial Nintendo game market using faith-based games.


What’s my user title?


am I the only one who misses vaan’s old, weird abs?


No, remasters are a scourge


this is just making me want to fire up international zodiac job edition in pscx2 :frowning:


like I said, I think emulating the original release is still the most sensible option until the switch one


I agree with you in general but I think Radiator’s being more dogmatic than is helpful in this. The art is being stepped on and treated poorly in this remaster, but oddly, it was already so cramped against resolution and filtering issues in the original, that the remaster exhibits the texture art better than before, even through the damaging upscaling & sharpening filters applied to them.

The constrained job system is as bad as you say, but I think the original skill system is almost as bad so I’m generally agnostic on it. They dropped the ball on what should have been a strength, as a Matsuno game.


probably still getting it on switch bc fast forward and being able to play in bed


The PC/PS4 rereleases are flatout better than the Intl Zodiac Jorb PS2 version, but it is debatable if the job system is an improvement over the original. The Remasters let you combine jobs, so it’s really interesting and limited as opposed to just straight up limited. I wish there was an option to respec, but whatever… Start a new game or something idk.

I went into Remaster hoping itd fix issues I had with the original. It fixed some, but not the big ones. It’s a solid-er game, but it’s not great yet (prob won’t be ever :()


the original looks fantastic running in PCSX2 at high resolutions though

it’s a very nice upscale with the original assets


I agree, it looks better in PCSX2


I remember it looking incredible running on my fat PS3

I am kind of into the way you’re stuck with just one job in the international zodiac edition. seems like it would produce a more interesting challenge. and I’m into class restrictions in role playing games! it’s more immersive to me.


Maybe? I’d like to find out if that’s true. I do not have 40hrs of my life to devote to a flawed game for that knowledge, tho. Those first few hours maybe, but… The gameplay doesn’t open up fast enough tho… God I have such conflicted feelings for this game. Balthier and Fran rule so hard.

Whatever you do, play it with fast forward.


Yeah, it’s much much better with fast forward

All rpgs should have fast forward

(or maybe rpgs should just be less tedious)


I will shout out Deadfire here again, which is one of the only RTwP RPGs which I think totally works on both a narrative and systems level and doesn’t outstay its welcome (and has fast forward)


That has been on my mind to get back to for months


I’d previously dismissed the PS1-era Final Fantasy ports to current gen consoles as just real cheap ports of their respective PC versions. I still feel like that’s true! However, what I didn’t know was that they came with a similar fast forward function like FFXII:ZJE did that just boosts things up to x3 speed, even speeding up text boxes but leaves music and sound effects playing at regular speeds. That counts for a whole lot!

Is this something that you can replicate in the original PS1 versions on modern emulators? Frameskip has always been there of course but that garbles all sounds a whole lot. I’m guessing you’d need to combine it with some sort of Cheat Engine codes to make it work right?


yeah, I’m not aware of an emulator that can fast forward without ruining the music. It’s a shame. It would be quite difficult to implement.


can anyone recommend if those… braided? USB cables are actually any more durable than the vanilla ones with just the heat shrink? i’d really like a cable i can use with my controllers that’ll last. the heat shrink always breaks apart where the connector and the wire meet on either end and the wires start to fray, so then my controller winds up constantly disconnecting while i’m trying to do a stupid fucking floating platform puzzle in goddamn brightis.


there’s an undub iso of the original non zodiac ff12