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which version of final fantasy xii should I play


either the original release or one of the upcoming ones which it sounds like will finally fix the hamfisted job system in the existing rereleases


what is wrong with the job system in the zodiac age version exactly?


felix hates it but i think it’s kind of nice at best and inoffensive at worst and by the end of the game it doesn’t really make any difference anyway

if playing it on a ps4 is appealing then zodiac age is good imo

plus the last couple fights in the optional added arena thing are fucking wild


I’m including the upcoming switch version in my options


Seems like a chill game to play portable so if I had a Switch I’d probably go with that


only thing wrong with the job system is that you can’t reassign them once set, which the XBone and Switch versions fix (but not the PS4 and PC versions), so I’d go with one of those


I bounced off of FFXII after really giving it a good shot a year ago or so. It’s just too boring for me even though I respect it’s character depth and pace. So I’m looking forward to what your reactions are doing to be


original PS2 version. having a complete license board is the way to go

the issues with FFXII were entirely in story and pacing. Character leveling and combat were fantastic, and my favorite part of the game, and Zodiac just kind of hurriedly shoves assigned roles to each character, which is a little antithetical to how I had thought the PS2 version was designed


I feel bad that we made you a mod whenever I agree with you this much, I think we were supposed to add more different perspectives


Zodiac age is like, “hey you know how cool jobs were in FFV? what if we made it like FFIV instead”


oh wow I hadn’t even noticed, grats marina


Has anyone read any of the Boss Fight Books series? If so, are there any you recommend?

I thought this seemed familiar. A few opinions on a more limited selection can be found here:


Prince of Persia (2008) always looked good? But I was burnt out after, much as I enjoyed the Trilogy beforehand. Even WW and it’s Godsmack 'n jank. Worth picking up now for any standout reasons? Even if purely aesthetic I’m probably down.


Aesthetic would kinda be the main reason. I’m a sucker for banter between two prickly protagonists so I enjoyed that part, but the running and jumping is fairly simple and the combat is even simpler.

Looks really nice, though!


okay but this actually sounds really awesome to me lol


oh the other thing that’s weird about the zodiac job version is that the job/character combos that work best are highly unintuitive. Vaan is a thief so you’d think he would work best as a thief but no, Monk. And Balthier is your white mage.

I don’t know if this has been changed at all in the remasters, but that’s how it was in the PS2 version


I loved the game. Not only is it beautiful, but much like Sands of Time, it has this incredible talent for leaving things unspoken, giving the game this mysterious narrative depth that makes it feel much more mythical than the kind of Nolan North bantery surface would have you expect.


I enjoyed the ps4 ff12 enough to get farther in it than I did in the PS2 original, but not far enough to finish it. Maybe I will play the switch one and finish it?

The job choices being not what you would think are weird, definitely, and being able to switch them later would be a big help in fixing that.

The Fast Forward button alone makes the remasters preferable though.


Some casual searching and it seems like no, sorry. Might have more luck on your own? I think it was part of some forum thread on a very obscure xcom fansite and these days it feels like it’s becoming increasingly difficult to get video game google results to places that aren’t just either reddit pages, wiki style sites or old neogaf threads.

IIRC though most of the settings they recommended though were pretty obvious in how it would change the game or were simply the defualts when installing the mods.