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All I remember about Gasaraki was its rad-ass OP.


Gasaraki is rad all around.


oddly, the only thing i remember of it is the awesome ed


Watching parts again recently I know why 2003 me found some eps dry as hell, but the military industry, slight Eva by way of Shinto stuff eventually pays off. It’s really a very detailed political story that weaves in, then eventually gets very spirit-scienced. Deep ancestry, cool ass realish mecha. Been ages since dvd binge PS2 nights would binge again.

Saved some board conversation years back:

Gasaraki isn’t so much rightwinged as it just raises a few issues regarding the awkward position Japan faced in the 90’s, such as the checkbook diplomacy utilized during the Gulf War.

Nishida’s plan is arguably rooted in the relationship the Japanese domestic rice economy has with the world stage. To quote Wikipedia’s brief article on Japanese rice production:

>As part of the government’s control of rice, rice imports are banned except in processed forms. Also, because of the disproportionate political power wielded by farmers, rice production is subsidized by the government. This aggravated trade frictions between Japan and the United States. Tokyo’s rationale for the ban is that self-sufficiency in rice is important for food security purposes. In addition domestic farm groups have long maintained that rice cultivation is part of Japanese culture. Hayami (1988) argued that Japanese consumers have become more tolerant of high rice prices because their food expenditure as a ratio of total expenditure has declined as their incomes rise(Hsu, 1994). Surprisingly, consumer groups have not actively supported the lifting of the ban in order to reduce the rice price. The main reason is reportedly the Japanese consumers’ demand for “high-quality” rice. Surveys do indicate that consumers believe that foreign rice tastes bad.

There’s also some interesting stuff about the rice scene in the mid-90’s; Japan experienced a shortage crisis in 1994 which led to the opening of the market to foreign rice. Digging through some other material apparently prices for various grain products spiked in the early 90’s as well, which falls in line with Gasaraki’s what-if scenario for the second half wherein really crummy grain harvests worldwide begin to create friction between nations, leading towards Nishida coming in and essentially going “we either suffer together now, or we crash and burn as one, and I will gladly bet on Japan surviving an economic crash,” more or less.


Has anybody played XCom Ufo Defense (aka Terror from the deep) for the PSOne? If so, how is it compared to the original pc releases?
I never played one, but I have a Vita and it could be a nice way to play it on a small screen.


Terror from the Deep is the second Xcom, so the sequel to Ufo Defense. Just wanted to point that out. EDIT: (you probably meant “aka Enemy Unknown” because that was the European name of the first game) I’ve never played either on PSX but now I also wonder what they could have fucked up with those games. They seem like pretty easy ports…


I didn’t even know that came out on PS1! I’m assuming this is using some hackery?


Wikipedia says they’re official! I’m surprised too


Yep, they were official ports, but unfortunately I cannot find any information regarding their quality. For example, I wonder how much difference using the joypad instead of a mouse could make.


they actually supported the playstation mouse if I’m not mistaken

they were quite rare but pretty decent, they were released early in the console’s lifespan, I’ve only ever seen one physical copy

they run better than the 68k amiga version


Thanks. From your answer, it sounds like I should try the pc version, in if I wanted to play them (I cannot imagine me attaching a mouse to the PS Vita :smiley: )


I played through the first XCom in DOSBox pretty happily on a single-core android phone back in 2011, so I don’t think you’ll have that bad of a time!

(though I had played the game before and I was mindful of the limitations)


there is a ps vita port of the modern day xcom


Well if it’s any help it’s got almost 5/5 ratings on the various rom sites. But yeah I played through the original Xcom twice, once on the PC and once on my android phone (with touch inputs only, no peripherals). Both were spectacular experiences! I have this game picked as one of the very best I ever played, talking about Tetris levels of genius here. (Kinda funny that the idea for Tetris was taken from a board game and Xcom feels like it could have been one too - and I don’t especially like real board games)

Oh and if you decide to play on a phone, the modern remake/-boot is on there too! It’s the full PC/Console game with Enemy Within expansion. It feels just glorious to wreck alien shit with mechs in that!


Thanks for the advice, guys! I will use Dosbox on Android too, I didn’t think about that option.

Regarding the modern XCOM versions, I played Enemy Within (the “expanded” version) on Android and it was indeed a great experience.


Oh… I have just found this interesting project:
They are remaking the original with a bit more accessibility, apparently.


When I was into original XCOM for a while there were several projects being developed to fix bugs, add optional features and to make it more compatible with modern machines. Don’t think OpenXcom was around then but according to the wiki at least it looks like the various options from the two main mods, UFOextender and XcomUtil, have actually been integrated into OpenXcom which probably makes it the best way to play these days?

I know I at one point actually even found a guide going through each single option of these mods one by one and rated how much they either felt it simply improved the game’s accessibility or actually radically changed the game balance.
Speaking of the PS1 version, I think one of the only notable features of that version is that it had a redbook audio soundtrack as opposed to the original MIDI. Thankfully though most mods have options though to add this audio to the PC game.


What I meant is that Terror From The Deep didn’t have an official release on PSN, so getting it on a Vita would take Hackery.

XCOM on Vita is pretty good! Load times are bad, that’s my only complaint.


oh yeah, the load times are horrific


Would you be able to find that guide?