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Actually I just forgot that it was in The Axe.


Are there any let’s play videos of Animal Crossing games by really introspective, calm, and melancholy people? I want to watch a 35 year old poet smoking a cigarette and talking with their animals.


Not quite it but closest I’ve found so far, a really wholesome and nice lady enjoys the game with relaxed enthusiasm: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NAQH_NKZrug


I basically want solemn Proustian meditations on memory while someone plays an old gamecube game. That’s what I want please.


ASMR: Solemn Marcel Proust plays Animal Crossing While Eating Madeleine Cookies


Sometimes you have to be the streamer you want to see in the world


hmm, that is kind of tempting


I’m going to have to read some Proust first


if you’re ever in the market for chill dadaist meditations on whether seahorses are fish while someone plays old SNES games/romhacks, I might know a guy


I mean I’m equipped to do this but


I don’t think you really understand the gravity of what you think you want, etc.


Woah, you’d do a really excellent job of that, perhaps almost TOO REAL. I’d watch.


Maybe you could play while shrug talks.


very zen but intellectual slow-runs of games that could really last forever are things i have always wanted to see on twitch/wherever



i will never not love that video being linked in any context.

What are the favored Armored Core games, besides For Answer? Never played them before i wanna try one


Felix was a big fan of 5 and Verdict Day, but both are so dependent on the online that was never super there to begin with that at this point, they aren’t worth it.

I didn’t play much before 4, so i don’t know what the definitive PS1/PS2 era ones were.

If you are going to play 4 or 4a, play the Xbox versions if at all possible because they are much better on frame rate.


3 is pretty good


is there an early showa-era themed eroguro mecha anime with panic at the disco on the soundtrack


More post-showa but Gasaraki-GANTZ AMV: no results found