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That’s what I did though iirc you’ll be paying a little extra. It’s 10 more to buy the deluxe edition to begin with and 15 to upgrade later.


i was thinking of gale gunner


Anyone here know what the game seen here is a bootleg of?



Anyone know enough about current PC hardware to help out with a conundrum?

I’m hypothetically thinking of upgrading my PC in the coming months and starting a savings fund for it. I’m currently running an Athlon II X4 640, to give you an idea of how far behind I am.

My question is:

I’m looking at four possible CPUS (all Ryzen 5 range): 1600 ($140), 1600X ($180), 2600 ($165), 2600X ($185). I’m leaning towards the 1600, but with such a tight price range, is it worth it to go up the ladder? Am I going to regret not spending the extra $25 to update to the newer architecture? Is the jump from 1600 to 2600X worth the jump from “a little under $150” to “a little under $200”?

And if so, if I’m already in the $180 range, would it not be better to go to a Ryzen 7 1700X for an extra $5?

Why is this so confusing. aaaaaaa


first gen Ryzen still semi severely underperforms in single threaded workloads in a way the others don’t so that’s a reason to get 2xxx or 3xxx


So I should disregard all Summit Ridge chips entirely?


unless you can get a much better deal (which is increasingly possible)


If I say that one of the things I want to be able to do is play modded Minecraft Java Edition at a comfortable frame rate, does that make a difference? I know MJE is heavily CPU-dependent but I don’t know if it’s thread locked or whatever


I don’t know much about minecraft but based on what I know about desktop Java I’d suggest you just reconsider the whole plan

(less unhelpfully: I can’t imagine there being any real cpu limitations for any game you’d play on one of these for the foreseeable future)


I wish Notch had reconsidered using Java for Minecraft in the first place! I wish Notch had reconsidered a lot of things. That’s a different thread though.

The only differences I can see between the 2600 and the 2600X is a 0.2GHz clock speed increase and a 30W power draw increase. Is that worth an extra 20bux? It doesn’t seem like it from here…


that’s more about the overclocking headroom than the stated clocks

you’d have to look at the in depth reviews there to see how you feel about it




Uh, you live in the land of the Microcenter, right? See if they still have the $80 1600s and the $30 motherboard deal. I picked up a motherboard and processor for $130 and mailed it to Toups a couple of weeks ago.

You’re moving on two axes, thread count (up to the 1700) and clock speed/OC headroom (2600, 2600x). For non-productivity, threads aren’t going to do you much good, but AMD has a deficit vs. Intel for “instructions per clock” or how much work it does per ghz.




To clarify, by $30 motherboard deal I mean $30 off a matched motherboard, which meant the $70 one was $40, hence $120 + tax.

Budget for DDR4 RAM, too, you won’t bring over the DDR3 sticks.


Caught a bit of a Patrick Miller stream and he mentioned a “five move pai” article written by David Sirlin back when VF4 was still actively being played about how to play a decent Pai using only 5 moves. Anyone know where I could find this? Google isn’t being helpful.


What VPN


I recall there being a “let’s make a game in April” thread here that I can no longer find and, well, April starts tomorrow.


I wanted to post there too because it’s just past midnight here… The thread was supposed to move forums but I think the axe swallowed it instead due to inactivity. @jsnlxndrlv?

I just now realized that probably no one explained the axe to you yet, Hache


Yeah, sorry, the last couple weeks kept me busier than I expected. I’ll fish the thread back out!