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Same, and my thoughts here also hoping it doesn’t actually deal much with the titular Metroid Prime or Phazon directly - both are literally done!

@BustedAstromech Yeah I think the term came naturally to me because, the setting is directly known as part of a universal scale and I’d like to see the foundation extended beyond those primary icons, even as they need to keep a good hold on 'em.

Ok this is too far down the line of transcendence but imagine Samus post-Fusion starting to reach Chozo levels of interdimensional being, suddenly you have a 3rd person exploration of “newly” alien and hostile environments, mechanics, concepts. Even a step in this direction would be interesting, faithful, and in spirit.


I’d love to see Metroid dip into '70s psychedelic sci-fi. Or any game, really.

Nintendo seems a weird company to pull it off but they’ve surprised us before, and with how influential prog rock was among Japanese game devs? It’s a great fit.


Yoooo, if Metroid went full Solaris/Alien/Phase IV/Silent Running I would lose my mind. That’s a great idea.


A lot of the mid 80’s Metroid 1 art already happens to lean back in this vein just a bit! And there’s a lot of definition with the powersuit so far as a bio-mechanical thing. If they could find a balance with the sleeker, smoother Samus (again looking more organic now with the Fusion suit) and get confident with a grittier pulpier scenario than usual, that sounds real raw and new -> old school.

Oh shi- RETRO Studios (someone’s here listening right???)


i actually read a really good fanfic the other week that dealt with Samus as like, a genetic splice of so many different species that ‘human’ is just a distant memory

also she’s girlfriends with Alucard

and they fuck

part 2 contains the meat of what i’m talking about but the whole thing’s worth a read imo. check the tags though

“I’m not separate from any of it. I never want to separate myself from it, either. The Chozo, the Metroids, the X - everything I’ve ever loved, everything I’ve ever killed, it’s all a part of me. I carry it with me. I feel everything. There’s nothing else I could do in the face of what I’ve done.”

Alucard reached up to scratch the back of her neck, just under her close-cropped plumage. Samus took a deep breath and leaned back into it.

“I’m not human. I missed my chance on it. Every step I take and every being they splice me with takes me further from it and I don’t care. I like it this way. But I still love them, you know?”

"I fucking know."

“That’s why I did it. So I could love them, and keep loving them. There was no other way.”

EDIT: ok also this excerpt from part 3 is a really good character insight/reflection on the consistent body horror themes in the series

The bounty hunter cocked a bittersweet smile. “I’m already tainted, dove. I’ve been through that and every time I’ve come out the other side. I’m still here.”

“What, with the X?”

“It’s the X, it’s Phazon, it’s every shadowy painful impulse of my psyche dredged up and manifested by the next mutagen that gets through my suit.”


Samus kissed the top of her head softly, stroking her hair. “I’ve done things I can’t reconcile with being a good person,” she said. “I’ve killed living planets. I’m the one they send in when they’re contemplating a sin so massive they can’t even name it because the alternative is annihilation. Because what’s one more for me, right? I can’t reconcile it. But I can keep moving, and keep trying to be the person my family believed I could be.”

“Your family…”

“Whatever you’ve done in the name of stopping your father, I guarantee you I have done worse in the name of protecting everyone in the Federation. You literally haven’t had the industrial capacity or scale of opportunity to do what I’ve done.”

Alucard heaved a trembling sigh.

“I hope you never do,” said Samus.


I dunno if I can ever force myself to finish Samus Returns (made it to the last boss and bounced). The counter thing is fun at first, but it very quickly becomes The Main Mechanic and, occasionally, The Only Mechanic for beating enemies.

So if you like waiting for enemies to do their one attack so you can counter and actually do damage to them, well, I guess it’s OK.


i just can’t get past the audacity of remaking metroid 2 as a colorful 3ds-AAA melee-counterattacking thing, i don’t think i could ever play through it


Trying to find the name of a japan only ps1 mech game it was third person and you could boost around and it had a training stage where you had to like go thru red gates or something


As someone who liked the perspective-switching in Other M and its dodge mechanic, I probably think I’d be among the minority who would enjoy the 3ds title especially because I’ve never played Metroid 2 and don’t take the same offense to it being remixed like that.

They should just give Metroid the Kirby treatment and throw whatever weird ideas they have at it in every installment.


Hell Metroid Prime Pinball needs a follow-up and they could probably just rip off Yoku’s Island Express wholesale and come up with a decent game that way.


I mean, as someone who loved the actual gameplay mechanics of Other M and hated everything else, I think Other M played a lot better.

But Returns didn’t stop my fun Metroid Fusion in 3d adventures with periodic bursts of the most upsetting writing I have ever seen in a Nintendo game. So there is that.


I’m reading The Society of the Spectacle, and Guy Debord is totally subtweeting the USSR, talking about how “the bureaucratic regimes in certain industrialized countries have their own particular type of spectacle, but it is an integral part of the total spectacle, serving as its pseudo-opposition and actual support.”

Here is my quick question: is there an actual English word that means the same thing as “subtweeting”? Cuz it’s a very useful concept but I hate having to reference twitter whenever I talk about it.


Allude, gossip, talk behind the back

I’m struggling to think of a single word because most human communication is not broadcast; therefore, unlike twitter, you don’t have to take pains to avoid letting your target know what you’re talking about.

I bet heavily censored cultures have words for this.


there’s a compound verb for this in portuguese


I got a used scuf controller. Post cool setups you’ve found for the paddles for various genres


Fan of clutch/shift-/shift+/handbrake


i took it down extensively in the thread


Is the base version of DMC5 okay to get?


Definitely. If you get thirsty you can always upgrade later. It adds a few new arms for Nero which are cute but nothing special, some extra music options from 1-4, some different announcers voices. The main appeal is the live action cutscenes which are hilarious but something you’d probably want to wait on if you decided to play through again on a higher difficulty.


So you can just pay to upgrade it then at any time? Maybe until after one finishes the game and then decides to replay it again now with some extra stuff?