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It’s pretty easy to find people complaining about it on Switch. Another case of an inexperienced team bumping against Unity’s console port limitations, unfortunately.


Why is the music app Blackplayer suddenly taking ages to load stuff on my android mobile phone. Like I’ll click on an artist and then there will be a black screen for like 30 seconds before it loads the albums, art, bio it pulls from lastfm etc. It is annoying. I assume it has something with the “cache” but why has it changed suddenly


Ultimate Chicken Horse, maybe? Might need to adjust points per round.


is left alive actually bad or are critics just missing the point?


Last week’s episode of the 8-4 podcast had some pretty in-depth impressions from someone who was actually excited for it and it sounds like it’s completely unremarkable


i feel like that vid of the director playing and explaining stuff ‘you can sneak behind stuff maybe think about it’ ‘you can firebomb these guys watch how they react’ ‘sometimes your choices matter’ -npc suicide- was like watching some kind of ritualized corporate punishment and no one will see that guy again ever


what is probably the best piece of text connecting the “ethics in gaming journalism” crusades to the alt-right/internet fascism. i need my zine to not cite like, cnet.com


Should I bother to play The Caligula Effect?


I’ve been too busy to put a ton of time into it (only a couple of hours in) but it’s a game out of time and plays accordingly; it feels like a b-game from the ps3 era. At least so far it doesn’t have a shine that should compel you to seek the game out in particular but I don’t find it the monumental travesty worthy of all the fuss it’s gotten. I don’t hate it though.


it just looks kind of weirdly charming enough to be worth investigating? idk. I imagine the price will drop fairly soon so I’ll check it out then


If you feel that way about it already then yeah, I’d say give it a shot. But it should shoot down in price pretty fast so wait for a steep discount.

Also everyone keeps talking about killing tanks with a steel pipe but that has never worked for me! Just touching a tank sends me flying backwards!


I’m not sure if it is this exact article but it’d be worth browsing the whole blog tbh


Zoe’s book (Crash Override) is pretty good and would serve as a primary source, she also had a background trawling these places.


thank u everyone. i wonder if theres any ex-believers of this shit i could interview. im sure one is in the dsa by now. i dont want to read kill all normies


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Any thoughts on Elite: Dangerous on PS4? Been eyeing it for a while now.


I don’t know that much about raytracing but there’s generally sort of a balance between noise and performance, right? Do any games that use raytracing let you increase noise for an increase in performance?


I know both Doom and Wolf3D let you make the play area smaller, in realtime even with the + and - keys, and a smaller box would increase performance at the expense of what I guess you’d call “noise” (I always thought of it as chunkier pixels because lower resolution).


it plays impressively well on a ps4 controller


Yes, the quality settings in solutions like Metro most directly affect the number of rays. One of the main reasons Nvidia’s new cards enable raytracing is the cores dedicated to image processing (think the neural net upscaling we’re seeing) being used to clean up dirty ray images.