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Oh nice, I thought it was part of the Shadowplay frame.


Everything was fine in unity last night but now there’s weird glitchy shadow artifacts all over my mesh

I didn’t even close it or anything between then and now, I just got up in the middle of work and fell into bed

Anyone else ever experience this?


I in my madness decided to pull out my Magic Joy Box 3 in 1 and my gamecube controller and play gamecube games with a gamecube controller. Crazy! Problem is that um…well, the controller I guess??? was doubling as command keys. So Z + Y and Z + B lowered and raised my laptops volume. L + R + Z was functionally the same as Alt + F4 and Dolphin having a prompt on close was the only thing stopping it. I tabbed over and sure enough L-R-Z made firefox and winamp close.

Searching Windows 10 Game Controller Volume just gave me Windows 10 Volume Control Settings. Thanks search engines!

And yes I was trying to play Twin Snakes. Thanks Dennis Dyyac you made me discover weird settings and you’re a right wing hack.


have to imagine that’s something specific to how your laptop maps media keys (and it’s still quite weird as there isn’t a concept of like “USB device 1 button 7” that’s reserved by the system in windows which any generic controller should be able to provide input to)



he is good at one thing, and that one thing is being terrible


just occurred to me it may also be steam doing this, from my experience of trying to play fifa on my gamevice last night and realizing I was getting an alt+enter when I tried to do a hard pass because it was somehow (I think) mapping it as a 360 controller as a steam controller.


so the new toejam and earl is verboten, yeah?



why would it be verboten

everything seems like it’s good as noted by executive producer and TJ&E superfan Macaulay Culkin


apparently the gaymerX guy worked on it and people don’t like him anymore


From what I understand, this is the source of people’s issue with Matt Conn (not this article, the accusations within):


Yeah also when the Unionizing stuff went out a few weeks back the Toejam and Earl Twitter account came out as anti-union???


Earl is a scab


occupy funkotron


Started at a new job, and everyone plays Smash brothers after lunch on a Switch that’s in the main room. We usually do 3 or 4 rounds.

Anyone know of any good multiplayer games on the Switch that are this quick and easy? Wouldn’t have time for a Mario Party or anything like that.



Windjammers is always a good time.

I’d say Nidhogg 2 but some of those matches can go on forever.

Granted both of those are only one-on-one, but they’re good!


The Overcooked games are good. I don’t have them on Switch, but I assume they are the same on that platform.


Overcooked would be perfect but definitely spring for 2; they both run pretty poorly on the Switch but the second runs a bit better.


Oh, maybe that explains why my sister said that online multiplayer was unplayable for her (on Switch) when it was fine when I tried it on PS4.