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i haven’t played an Etrian Odyssey since 3 and im ready to make a party of cool anime’s and go draw a dungeon. Does anyone have strong opinions in favor of 4, 5, or Nexus (the MonHun Generations-esque crossover fan smorgasbord)?

i played demos of 4 and 5 — 4 seemed more trad, while 5 had some weird classes and a race system that seemed like it could be interesting. (and then Nexus looks fun but “old classes return!” obviously = “check out our upscaled reused assets!”)

Also, though i miss the FM Towns style Koshiro music, the compositions remain really gorgeous and smooth

like holy shit i could listen to this all day

edit: i answered this myself once i realized that in Etrian Odyssey 5, 1) you can pick voice clips for each character and they aren’t matched by gender (i.e. you can choose a male voice sample for a character that has a female portrait) 2) a good number of the portraits can be read as androgynous (the Masurao portraits are especially good in this regard, also this is sadly the only way to redeem the otherwise cool Necromancer class) and 3) one of the lady Dragoon portraits is an ultra-powerful stone cold betty with an eyepatch and i can’t not have her be the main character of my personal video game

Also the tabletop-esque floor events in Etrian Odyssey 5: V reward you with some EXP afterward, and that automatically makes it the best one in the series.


I know this is all abstract and nonsense to me but can y’all explain what exactly opengl/vulkan/direct3d are and am I better off not knowing the difference? Knowing the difference? Trying random settings with random things until one of them works??


I’ve always understood APIs like opengl etc. as being like a layer between a software developer and the actual machine code the computer “understands” so instead of having to write programs in BASIC or whatever they can just go through something like opengl which is a bit easier? This is particularly with regard to 3D graphics.


in retroarch specifically or?

they’re different 3D APIs, Direct3D is Microsoft platforms only and generally the most popular, OpenGL was for years the only alternative that was widely used and had an open spec but the tooling left a lot to be desired and most implementations weren’t as efficient as a result, and Vulkan is a successor to OpenGL that lets you do more things from scratch and isn’t as crufty but isn’t practical for many people to write


They’re different technical standards defining how the game engine talks to the graphics driver. There can exist one graphics driver per permutation of OS x GPU x standard. On Windows, at least the Direct3D driver will always exist, and on other operating systems at least the OpenGL driver will exist, so typically games target those specifically, but they also have the option of having a setting to target OpenGL or Vulkan if they want. Vulkan is very new and really fast in the as-yet-rare cases it’s supported at all.


does the newest dirt game still have the twin peaks sheriff station (dirtfish rally school) in it


any reason to keep/get rid of GeForce Experience in 2019


The only reason to have it is if you want to use Shadowplay, but OBS is a better option anyway.


automatic driver updates + moonlight


every so often, Nvidia drivers like to make fans not work so I wouldn’t trust autoupdates because of that, nevermind the principle of locking any part of the feature set of your purchase behind a login


it’s windows, I’m obliged to take any opportunity I get to work around the embarrassing state of package management


Since the first week of owning my (now 4 year old) laptop GeForce Experience has never been able to successfully update the drivers idk


I get that Windows is bad at keeping track of shit but is it really that hard to check Nvidia’s website once a month seeing as they release a new driver for every goddamn game


I don’t know, I don’t make a new fire every time I want to heat my house


are we seriously comparing stoking a fire in a fireplace with a driver update right now


It’s my favorite of the programs you can leave running to have console-style DVR; if you enable desktop recording you can use it to grab windowed stuff or tutorials with a single hotkey at 60fps. Ansel screenshots are neat because they enable clip cam in games that otherwise wouldn’t let you.


Afterburner will do the video capture stuff and even supports using NVENC and can do upto 120 fps

Ansel is neat, I guess


I don’t want the capture stuff (I imagine I’ll know when I do) and I think i can handle the manual driver management. my general attitude towards gfx drivers is “if it ain’t broke…” which usually means I check for new drivers when I feel like my FPS is low in some game or other


another question, how do I best handle updating the GeForce drivers on this laptop that hasn’t been updated since 2017? GTX 850m, I have the latest driver downloaded and ready to install, just wondering whether I have to install a bunch of others as well. since the latest driver is one of the “GameReady” ones and I don’t know whether it will include all the updates I need. sorry yall i’m noob at this

edit: i just installed latest driver, so far so good


You can do Ansel in any game that supports it without having GeForce Experience installed. I don’t think there’s any interaction.