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as far as i can tell my bios is up to date. i have this one. https://pcsupport.lenovo.com/au/en/downloads/ds119202

i will disable automatic suspend on close and see how i go. thank you for the help <3


i have a lenovo and i get similar black screen bullshit sometimes, though it only seems to happen when i’ve moved the laptop up or down stairs while it’s closed.

the important thing we can learn from all this is not to buy lenovo


It can still help to reinstall the same version if your computer is being weird. Mine was up to date but it would shut off randomly after 5+ minutes of use, and it would lock up and shut off immediately if I tried to access the Event Viewer or much of anything system-related. Flashed the BIOS with the version that was already installed, works totally normally now.


the insistence from ancient nerds who haven’t learned anything new about computers since they started using Linux in 2001 that Lenovo makes the best notebooks actually makes me mental, their build quality has been all over the place for a decade and even if you’re after Linux, Dell has been doing a much better job of getting their shit in the kernel for the past several years


are there any fighting games with anything like Poise from Dark Souls? something with a lot of armored attacks or multiple different tiers of armor?


Bluetooth went missing from my desktop PC (ASRock Z370 Killer SLI/ac). I tried reinstalling the driver from ASRock but I’m not sure what to do next. Windows refresh? Flash BIOS?


toggle it on and off in the EFI


I’m just going to recommend Fight Night Champion again here

it finally started working in RPCS3 too!


Is it just me or is it really hard to see if you score a hit in that game?


the person playing it in the video isn’t very good but it’s still more ambiguous than the average fighting game yeah


Everyone needs some priority system for attacks; the simplest is just ‘whatever hits the hurtbox interrupts’ but if you start to think, maybe heavy attacks shouldn’t be interrupted by footsies, you’ve already started establishing a system of attack priorities.

Souls complicates this in two ways. One, because characters are distinguished by levels, they need to systematize it so that heavy weapon attacks from low-level characters don’t have as much recoil impact as that from a high-level character. Two, and this is the really strange design decision, they expose the stat to the player and don’t explain. So they’ve got this really complicated interaction and no help and internet lore is born.

God of War (2018) has a pared-down version of this; characters have both a recoil impact and recoil resistance stat, it’s affected by level and attack, and very importantly, it’s not broadcasted to the player, and its effects are crystal-clear, telegraphed by the unparryable/unblockable color rings and the flinch response of enemies.


Fairly certain this is part of the allure.

I’m not exactly sure I understand why not knowing the values is better than knowing values but not knowing how they work?

Obviously this is me reworking part of Moon Fields, so if you’d indulge me:

Regarding getting hit, The Moon Fields has 2 states. There’s normal and armored. If you get hit while you’re in a normal state, you get stunned. If you get hit while you’re in an armored state, you don’t. You still take damage both ways. Generally the “armored state” is when you’ve already put all your energy into a heavy weapon and it’s already moving based off sheer momentum e.g. your mega hammer is falling. This was always per weapon and even per attack. I’d have a blue burst appear when this was activated during an attack to show that “something big happened”. Outside of the particularity of the blue burst, I think this is pretty run of the mill FG stuff.

At one point I introduced a kind of armored running. I called it “barreling” which was essentially gaining armor while running at max speed, but because you’re losing speed inbetween mashes you can’t maintain armor the whole time. So if you’re rushing down you’re trying to mash right before that arrow hits you so you can tank the hit and get in their face. If you did get clipped you had a half second where you couldn’t dash, but that was fine because you’d still be like a native Pinoy running through colonists’ bullets.

Anyways, this got me thinking of varying levels of armor. I really like the concept of barreling at full speed, but I also thought it’d be cool if other states could be rewarded in terms of being hit. A list of (too many) possible states and possible effects

-“Armored” - takes damage, zero stun
-Running At Full Speed - takes damage, zero stun, stops running for an amount of time

-Standing Still- takes damage, reduce stun by %, and reduce stun by an amount of time
-Walking - takes damage, reduce stun by %
-Starting To Run, Attacking, Airborne - takes damage, full stun

The goal is to reward safer, slower movements like Standing Still or Walking. More active actions like running, attacking, and being in the air seem like you’d be more off balance so you could get stunned for the full amount of time. I initially stacked the list as 5 different states, but I think it’s more manageable as 2 different lists. I do worry that it’s too much, and maybe I could just combine Standing Still/Walking.

Anyways, wow, those are my thoughts. I kinda wish this was in The Moon Fields thread. IDK how to post/crosspost/etc but yeah that’s that.


Street Fighter IV had a lot of armor and types/tiers of armor and some of the mechanics are fairly functionally similar to Poise


I think that’s all fine; the experience of fighting games is that you can have that complexity and if it jibes with expectations of how ‘heavy’ the attacks look it’s ok for casual players and the hardcore can categorize it.

Watch yourself for consistency so you’re not sending mixed messages about weight and power, as that’s what will trip up players.

The weird bit is putting it as a player-facing stat, inviting players who aren’t ready to think about that complexity to do so, and then the added transformation of the the stat affected attacks’ base values.


The concept of “armor” appears in most every fighting game to some extent I think, although it’s not always presented visually as such.

Invincible moves like shoryukens have a kind of armor at the cost of being very punishable;

high crush/low crush moves in Tekken will beat moves of a particular height and visually present it as your character maybe hopping in the air over a low attack or ducking down under a high attack;

in Virtua Fighter when two attacks collide the more damaging move will “armor” through the weaker move to provide an advantage to using those slower moves, and any attack can “armor” through throws;

and of course super moves and super modes often provide Super Armor to make them powerful counterattack options (like Street Fighter 4’s focus attacks).

Its all about trying to provide a reason to use a particular move despite its faults and or to dissuade an opponent from using particular options that could be overpowering. So I don’t think it would be weird for such concepts to exist in your game. I guess the hard part is making it feel logical for why a particular move has a particular kind of armor, due to its use and its visual animations.


Did you install scps3? That rewrites your bluetooth drivers.

Alternately there is a setting deep deep deep in security that can disable microphone, webcam, bluetooth and no where else will acknowledge it.


Does anyone have a link to the blog that (at least used to) do the year in review for MAME? Mame has grown and grown and now with just in the folder from Poster X of this very website I have 9000 zip files it is impossible to figure out what is going on with mame outside of watching that one Russian guy that releases a showcase of everything newly playable with each update. The last (japanese) PCB was 5 years ago. The casual 7/10 year rule now covers the history of Arcades.

Like it seems like for MAME proper Model 2/3, Naomi, Type-X emulation is still awful and well I guess I am asking because the one model 3 emulator causes my laptop to hardlock and messing around with Star Wars Arcade sounds great.

Point is google/bing is corrupted and you cannot find “year in review mame blog”.



use model 2 emulator for model 2 emulation and demul for naomi/atomiswave/some other dc-based hardwares.

demul sucks in many ways, but it’s the best we’ve got. supermodel’s the only thing for model 3, too, unfortunately.

type x games are just pc games, but i’m sure there was a launcher to make stuff like control configuration possible


Naomi/atomiswave work in retroarch now so that’s nice. Better than dealing with demul.