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I just picked up Advance Wars 2 for the GBA from the used game store. I’ve never played the first one. Would it be OK to start with 2, or is there a super compelling reason to play the first one first? I’ve already played both DS ones.


Two is better in my opinion, and can totally be your entry point.


It’s pretty whatever. It looks nice for sure, but if you’re expecting armored core, it ain’t. Nothing is really weighty, and the shooting is brainless, like you lock on and can just hold the fire button and hit.


Why is there more than one Bob Ross board game


Because there are no mistakes, just happy accidents.


Probably fine other then it being a harder game I think? So you better start thinking hard fast.


did anybody else ever play a dawn of the dead inspired pc indie game around 99-00. you flew a helicopter into the level and had to collect enough gas to fly to the next level. it was 3d, top down view to move and you went into first person view to shoot


Has anyone had experience with the original LSD: Dream Emulator and this remake? I’ve been trying to find an ISO with my VPN-less computer but haven’t had any luck.


just buy a stereo LA-2A instead you pleb


LSD - Dream Emulator (Japan) [SLPS-01556].rar




While we’re in this realm, anyone know where to find a fan translation of the original Tokimeki Memorial on any platform? Preferably for either Super Famicom or Playstation.

I’ll play it in Japanese on SFC if I need to, but I’d rather play in English if possible.


I think it hasn’t been fan translated. There’s a shitton of text and it competes for limited fan translation resources with a lot of similar games.


That explains why I couldn’t find anything! Thanks!


Hey so my laptop is fucked. It does this thing sometimes when I close it, where when I open it again it will just have a black screen. I have to hold the power button to fully turn it off, then turn it on again and usually it is fine again. However sometimes it just turns back onto the black screen. Then if I force shut it down again a couple time it will go to the windows “do u wanna do a safe startup or see advanced options” type page. All the options that involve starting up the computer again don’t work. They will all result in a black screen. The only one that consistently works is “resetting” the computer (i think it’s called that) which means I lose all my installed programs but my files are still all there. This successfully turns my computer on and then for a while I’m good again. Maybe I’ll get a black screen again sometimes but turning it off and on again works.

I reset the computer literally two weeks ago and got a few black screens between then and now. Now it has gone to the full black screen nothing will fix this stage again and I really don’t wanna reset it again. I want a solution to this problem. This laptop is like only a year old and it cost fucking heaps of money. I am sick of this.

Does anyone have any ideas. I only have ur usual everyday computer use programs on there. I pirate stuff semi frequently so idk I guess I got a virus maybe. Please ask me questions to try and diagnose the problem please. Thank you


it’s a hardware issue, windows 10 is attempting to suspend and fucking up and hanging and so you’re constantly having to do hard reboots because either the lid suspend mechanism doesn’t work right or something is more wrong than that on the motherboard

it’s probably fucking up trying to set an NTFS lockfile and panicking when it checks the drive on reboot which is why you’re having to do an OS reset unnecessarily

update the bios, if that doesn’t work turn off automatic suspend on close and you can do it manually, if that doesn’t work return it


Try setting Windows to hibernate on lid close instead of suspend and see if that helps your issue. It will make your computer wake up a lot slower but that’s a small price to pay if it fixes this problem.


Thank you for the help friends except this time I reset the computer it came up with an error message that said something about missing system32/desktop or some shit and now my computer is this empty thing and it won’t do anything


Nvm it fixed itself. Is it worth trying to just get a new laptop if my warranty allows it or whatever

Edit: hold up wtf this weird freak out it had seems to have reset the computer without uninstalling all my stuff. What the hell is going on


I have actually seen windows 10 do that when it’s not shut down cleanly several times in a row, I don’t think it’s the disk or anything

to be totally clear if it were me I would not only return it and never buy anything from that manufacturer ever again, I’d be looking at old Macbooks on eBay, but definitely do start with the bios update to be thorough