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Pretty much Meguro being a major jazz fusion n class kid, getting his start and breaks within a series that lends itself to urban industrial soundscapes.


Anyone played Deep Strange Journey much to compare with original? Still the most brutal post 2000 MegaTen experience imo, don’t mind a heavier animu gloss long as the core Schwarzwelt still rules.


I’ve yet to play a MegaTen game I’ve enjoyed thoroughly more than SJ, and that goes for its soundtrack


I enjoyed the Strange Journey remake a whole lot!

The original story and music are intact, grandeur and all, the womb of grief is a fine new nightmare giant impossible dungeon (with a very good name) and the quality of life improvements are wonderful. In battle you get to see your team’s full designs on the lower screen!

It’s a remake so there are invariably a few questionable decisions that cheapen the atmosphere a little bit (Zeus design, non-bleak new endings) but I would never go back to the original game

Play on hard for the game to maintain its edge despite the new dungeon


Can anyone think of any reason why they’d want to connect PS3 online in 2019? With Demon’s Souls now gone I’m struggling. Any game that did neat online things besides direct multiplayer?


to keep making trial PS+ accounts on JPSN and keep playing all the PSOne games they give away with it


They don’t anymore.

And they are ending vita/ps3 plus just like us.

I mean there are still mid-profile vita releases but whatever.


I don’t remember when I made that one JPSN account but I got like, 20 PSOne games and also PCE Valis

I don’t want to live in a world where my old and busted console cannot summon bad games that feature panties with every jump


i assume ymer is asking because permanently taking a ps3 offline means you can hack it without worry, and a hacked ps3 can deliver even more old bad panty games


Oh one month it was 200 games it was nuts.

Sure would be cool if they were like “hey you own these games now okay bye.”


How is Death by Degrees reallly




and there’s that unofficial demon’s server right?


gonna be the jerk that says that in the year of someone 2019 you should grab a netflix/streaming device that’s futureproof for 4k/HDR but then again I’m the asshole who’s yelling until he is red in the face that Amazon’s web player doesn’t support surround audio which is a shame because it works perfectly fine at 24hz and



It’s always Luigi.


Anno Luigiis


early SMT was more punk / thrash, but then Meguro took over and yes, his favorite bands are shit like T-Square and Casiopea, the jazz fusion legends of Japan. so he went progressively further with that as much as the particular game would allow. wouldn’t be surprised if Persona 5 is what he always wanted to do.

too early to tell what’s up with Kozuka, but I think SMT IV + Apocalypse was amazing, although you can see he took a rather conservative approach and tried to mimic the SMT1+SMT2 feel in particular.


has anyone played the daemon x machina demo and if so please tell me all about it


what are the best options for watching pirated media on a tv in the year of our lord 2019
i use plex with a couple of chromecasts at the moment and it’s a Mixed Bag

main complaint is that i’m only using tv speakers and this setup doesn’t have any normalisation options so i’m getting classic ‘quiet voices, everything else is deafening’ stereo downmix

i also just read that chromecasts are now failing if they can’t reach to fuck with pihole so that’s another reason i could do with finding something else (previously they would just revert to whatever dhcp was giving them if they couldn’t reach google)



these are good settings for TV speakers if you don’t mind using VLC