Quick Questions XIII: Answers Return


Computers are so awesome.


My wife tested that game and the stand does help, according to someone who has played it for hundreds of hours

some of her coworkers developed RSIs that persist to this day. what? insurance? hahaha die contractor scum


should I get wargroove or should I wait for my GBA flashcart to play advance wars???


I really want to get wargroove but i am settling for playing advance wars, probably.

Don’t be like me. Do the thing.


How do I become vapourwave?


gat dam computah masheens


Vaporwave is the opposite of nightcore


Make a music and then change the sample rate in audacity from 44100 kHz to 32000 kHz.

(Not sure if this actually works.)


slow down sonic music


Hey why the fuck cant i get Paper Mario the thousand year door on anything but a gamecube ?


Nintendo hates you.


more like paper mario the 5-year window in which your game will actually be playable right?


This might be an impossibly stupid question, but, uh.

As someone who hasn’t had a PC in ages, is there any good place to find what good PC exclusives I might have missed in like the last, uh, ten years or so?

There’s some very good stuff in the SB wiki, of course, but I feel like I turned a blind eye to years worth of cool stuff from itch.io and such, and now I’m gonna need to scour top ten lists for ages since Steam curation is a nightmare.


What types of games are you interested in?

RPS and PC Gamer run those lists every year.


Mostly short indie stuff? If it’s shown up on consoles chances are I’ve probably played it by now.

Been meaning to try stuff like Yume Nikki, maybe Faith.

If I can find something cool like Bernband I’ll be pretty happy!


Maybe Wiki lists by year can help you. Just do ctrl+f “win”.


We also have an Itch thread of our own which might be of interest to you


Devil daggers!


Ah yeah, I’ll have to check out that thread.

And it turns out I did buy Devil Daggers for a crummy laptop I had a while back. That game is great!



There is this twitter feed that I always mean to pay more attention to than I do.