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this isn’t a problem with the power supply and I would not be able to go to sleep in your apartment until I fixed it :slight_smile:


Oh trust me, I spent many hours trying to fix that sleeping issue and made no progress whatsoever. No idea what causes it, but if I put it in hibernate then it’s an OK compromise.


When I play a really system-intensive game, I also get some electric fuzz in my audio out of my speakers. This seems like it might be power supply related too, eh?


nope, that’s just bad grounding, happens on cheap or smaller motherboards and is why people will just use a USB audio interface to avoid the builtin DAC


Ah, gotcha. I do have kind of a cheap motherboard.

Thanks for the advice, gives me a good starting point to research and fix this!


Do check if your graphics card is overheating. I had very similar issues after having my newest computer for about 6 months, and it was the graphics card overheating. Had to replace it.


Thanks for the tip. How did you diagnose this?


I downloaded some software that I can’t remember the name of now that would monitor the various temps of my components and just…watched.

The Graphics card was hitting like 70 c with nothing going on at all. Would get to 80 if I started a game, then the game would start stuttering and eventually hang entirely.

And then basically i called tech support and made them send me a new card haha

Here’s the software: https://www.techpowerup.com/gpuz/


Awesome, I’ll give this a go when I get home tonight! Thanks!

I’m hoping it just turns out my computer’s power cable isn’t securely connected and I just need to push it in and suddenly everything will work again, but I am prepared to go on a deep tech investigation if it turns out to be more dramatic.


in general your components’ idle temperatures should be between 30 and 45C and load should gradually increase to the low 80s then very rapidly level out as everything hits its max fan speed


this baby had the fan going at max at all times, it was so great.


oh yeah if you are hearing that when you shouldn’t be that is a sign that either a) you have a bitcoin miner running or some other process hanging or b) your cooling is not attached properly


should i play power stone one more time




I reformatted my computer before I replaced my graphics card because I figured it was a miner I couldn’t suss out.

It was not a miner.


you… just have to monitor usage, you know

like no “miner” is capable of making the kernel not report 100% CPU or GPU usage


to those who spent any amount of time with kid icarus: uprising- do the stand and (iirc) larger stylus included with the physical edition make it any easier on the wrists?

edit: no, no it most certainly does not- gimme my blood potion back, stavekoff.


The stand did yeah, didn’t know about the bigger stylus


Yo @Felix and @VirtualClint: I fixed my computer troubles and you are not going to believe what caused them.

So I got home and first tested to make sure I was still having the problem. Yup, could not run Hitman 2 for more than 5 minutes before a total freeze. So I checked my power cable and noticed it was not super secure at either end. I pushed it in and rebooted my computer. Tried the game again - same freeze.

So then I grabbed another power cable from a drawer and replaced my old one. Still got the freeze.

Next I installed Clint’s suggested app and monitored the temperature of my GPU. It followed the exact temperature curve that Felix suggested represented normal operating parameters.

I booted the game up again, and got the freeze again. While I was trying unsuccessfully to get my computer to show me the diagnostics, I got a call from my mom. I picked up and started talking with her. During the conversation, I idly turned my Xbox One controller off. My computer INSTANTLY unfroze. I went “what the fuck?” and my mom was like “don’t say that~!”

So after the phone call I booted up Hitman 2 without the controller and just controlled it with keyboard and mouse for a while. No freezing. It ran perfectly. Whaaaat?

So I looked it up online and apparently a bunch of people have had this problem. Someone said that this happened to them whenever their controller was low on batteries. So… I replaced my Xbone controller’s batteries.

And guess what? Everything works fucking perfectly now.

Even the RE2 demo works now! I coulda bought that game for PC after all!

What the fuck, Microsoft?!

But I’m pretty fuckin elated right now. I didn’t have to buy a new graphics card. I didn’t even have to buy a new power supply! I’m only out the cost of two double A batteries!

:dansemacabre: :video_game: :dansemacabre:


Holy fuck